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International Quaternary Webinar: 2017

Dear all,

This week`s webinar comes from Bergen, please fill up the auditorium:

When: Wednesday, October 11th at 15:00
Who: John-Inge Svendsen, University of Bergen
What: A unique lake record provides new insight into the Ice Age History of the Polar Urals, Arctic Russia

All are welcome to attend!
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​John-Inge recommends the following papers related to his talk. The papers can be downloaded from here:

Henriksen, M., Mangerud, J., Matiouchkov, A., Murray, A.S., Paus, A. and
Svendsen, J.I., 2008.  Intriguing climatic shifts in a 90kyr old lake record from northern Russia.  Boreas, 37, 20-37.
Svendsen, J.I., Briner, J.P., Mangerud, J. and Young, N.E., 2015.  Early break-up of the Norwegian channel ice stream during the Last Glacial Maximum.  Quaternary Science Reviews, 107, 231-242.