Institutt for geovitenskap
ICE Finse GEOV328

Snow, sun and shovels

ICEFinse GEOV328

Gruppebilde fra IceFinse
Jens Å.R. Haga


The 20th of April, 14 students and a lecture team took the train to Finse to spend a week at the Alpine Research Center for the IceFinse GEOV328 course. Here they practiced glacier safety and got an introduction to glaciological field methods. The students designed research projects on mass balance, meltwater and snow properties. They also got to hike the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, taste Norwegian fermented trout and enjoy a sauna after swimming in icy lakes. A week of sun gave a somewhat unrealistic impression of fieldwork life, so the students voluntarily embraced some challenges such as digging and sleeping in snow caves and collecting measurements at sunrise.

Big thanks to the team that made this possible: Anaïs Bretones, Anne-Katrine Faber, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Kerim Nisancioglu, Konstanze Haubner, Maaike Weerdesteijn, Natalya Gomez, Rebekka Frøystad, Therese Rieckh, Tobias Zolles and Tyler Jones.