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autumn semester 2022

Study Social Anthropology!

The Department of Social Anthropology offers two exciting courses taught in English autumn semester 2022, and we welcome both international and Norwegian students to participate.

Collage av forskning ved Institutt for sosialantropologi
Kjersti Simonsen, Tareq M. Hasan, Mari Korsbrekke, Ståle Knudsen, Iselin Å. Strønen, Anna Szolucha, Alessandro Zagato, Amalie Tveit, Nora Haukali, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen


Autumn semester 2022 we offer two courses taught in English: SANT105 and SANT285-8.

SANT285-8 Current Anthropological Research: Anthropology of Displacement (10 ECTS)

"Displacement" most often refers to the process of fleeing one's home owing to violence and, as such, is widely associated with refugees. This course, however, suggests that dis-place-ment conveys much more widely human experiences.

These include the meaning of place; home, safety, and belonging; the search for roots and origins; and how experiences of rupture can upend people's capacities to thrive.

Topics explored will include, among others: border crossing; place and place-making; displacement in place; the uncanny; and exile. 

SANT105 Power: its articulations and disguises (15 ECTS)

Central to social anthropology is the understanding of how relations of power permeate social life and influence the distribution of social, cultural and economic privileges in a society. This course looks at political processes as part of everyday social life and emphasizes key anthropological concepts and perspectives in the study of power, legitimacy, sovereignty, hegemony and ideology. 

These concepts and perspectives are applied to thematic areas where anthropologists have contributed new and significant insights to our understanding of relations of power. Examples of topical fields of study that may be covered by the course are, ethnicity, nationalism, identity politics, the state, organized violence and conflict, international migration, minority politics, political and social movements and globalization. 

Welcome to the Department of Social Anthropology autumn semester 2022!