Department of Social Anthropology
autumn semester 2018

Study Social Anthropology!

The Department of Social Anthropology offers three exciting courses taught in English autumn semester 2018, and we welcome both international and Norwegian students to participate.

Collage av forskning ved Institutt for sosialantropologi
Kjersti Simonsen, Tareq M. Hasan, Mari Korsbrekke, Ståle Knudsen, Iselin Å. Strønen, Anna Szolucha, Alessandro Zagato, Amalie Tveit, Nora Haukali, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

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Are you interested in revolutions and resistance, power relations and the understanding of social actions and events in light of the specific meanings people attach to them? Autumn semester 2018 we offer three courses taught in English: SANT104, SANT105 and SANT285-2.

SANT104 Culture, Meaning and Communication (15 ECTS)

Culture is a central concept in the discipline, and the course accounts for different social anthropological perspectives on cultural meaning, both on a personal level and as a collective, social dimension. The course contains a number of thematic areas where the dimensions of meaning are especially visible, such as the cultural arrangements of reality (classification), fundamental worldly perceptions (cosmology), symbols and communication, knowledge management, representations of faith (religion) and constructions of time and history (social memory). 

SANT105 Power: its articulations and disguises (15 ECTS)

Central to social anthropology is the understanding of how relations of power permeate social life and influence the distribution of social, cultural and economic privileges in a society. This course looks at political processes as part of everyday social life and emphasizes key anthropological concepts and perspectives in the study of power, legitimacy, sovereignty, hegemony and ideology. These concepts and perspectives are applied to thematic areas where anthropologists have contributed new and significant insights to our understanding of relations of power.

SANT285-2 Current Anthropological Research: The Anthropology of Liberation - Utopias, Revolutions and Resistance (10 ECTS)

This course gives students an insight into contemporary research and problematics related to "Liberation" as a desire, concept, and practice. The key orienting concepts of the course is "Liberation" and "Freedom", and the relationship between them. We explore these core concepts through various situated practices and ideas of political action, utopian imaginaries, revolutionary ideologies and egalitarian experiments.

The schedule is set up in a way that we recommend the following combinations: SANT104 and SANT105 (30 ECTS), or SANT285-2 and SANT105 (25 ECTS).

Welcome to the Department of Social Anthropology autumn semester 2018!