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Survey experts meet for the 2014 Norwegian Citizen Panel Conference

World-leading experts on survey-based research methods were among the participants at the 2014 Norwegian Citizen Panel Conference in Bergen, November 6th and 7th. Researchers met to share and discuss experiences with the use of survey-based research methods.

Stanford professor and survey expert Jon Krosnick gave one of the keynote addresses of the conference.
Sveinung Arnesen


Discussions on survey methodology

The 2014 Norwegian Citizen Panel Conference, held at the University of Bergen November 6th and 7th, brought together world-leading experts on survey-based research methods for a two-day seminar. The participants presented research in whey they apply survey-based methods and discussed experiences and challenges related to the use of such methodology.

Keynotes were given by Diana Mutz (University of Pennsylvania), Jon Krosnick (Stanford University), Rune Stubager (Aarhus University) and Paul Sniderman (Stanford University), accompanied by panels with article presentations and plenary discussions.


Surveying Norwegians’ attitudes on societal issues

The Norwegian Citizen Panel Conference was formed in 2013 to collect respondent data on Norwegians’ attitudes to various political and societal issues, including social trust, political participation, climate and environment, and diversity and welfare. Three rounds of polling have thus far been conducted, and research using these data were presented at the conference.


Research assistant Lise Lund Bjånesøy was much satisfied with the conference.

- Both the presentations and the academic discussions were high-quality, and it has been very educational and inspiring. We expect many exciting publications, Lund Bjånesøy says. 


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