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I work in the infectious diseases research group at UoB and Haukeland University Hospital. Recently focus has been on COVID-19, and our article in Nature Medicine, Long COVID in a prospective cohort of home-isolated patients (Blomberg et al, Nat Med 2021, 27:1607-1613) has been cited 120 times, downloaded 145000 times, and recently got the prices for "article of the year" 2021 from both the Norwegian Infectious Diseases Association and the Faculty of Medicine, UoB. 

My PhD-research in Tanzania on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in severe pediatric infections documented for the first time the excessive mortality in children with sepsis caused by of multidrug-resistant ESBL (extended-spectrum beta-lactamase) producing bacteria. Later we have done follow-up studies in Tanzania, including Zanzibar, and in India. I worked for WHO in the group researching and promoting 4-drug fixed-dose combination drugs world-wide to counteract emerging multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). I have planned and supervised a randomized clinical trial (COTRIMRESIST, clinicaltrials.gov ID NCT03087890) on antibiotic chemotherapy and AMR in HIV-patients in Tanzania.  I am co-investigator of an ongoing RCT on probiotic use in newborns in rural Tanzania to prevent AMR and increase survival (PRORIDE, clinicaltrials.gov ID NCT04172012). 

I am an enthusiastic user of R for statistical analysis.

Indremedisin, infeksjonssykdommer, fokus på global helse / tropemedisin, inkl. HIV, tuberkulose, malaria, ebola m.m. Underviser på internasjonalt tropemedisinkurs ved CMC, Vellore, India.


I teach medical students at the University of Bergen since 2008. In 2018 I received the final year students' price for best teacher at medical studies. Apart from that I have been teaching at the international short course in clinical tropical medicine at Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, since its start in 2007,  and for a five-years period at the Union's international tuberculosis course in Arusha, Tanzania (www.theunion.org). 

I teach various topics in internal medicine and infectious diseases, global health and tropical medicine, including antimicrobial resistance, sepsis, malaria, ebola, tuberculosis

I have have over 80 articles on pubmed, including 15 as first author and 16 as last author.

My most cited articles include [1-5]


1.         Blomberg B, Mohn KG, Brokstad KA, Zhou F, Linchausen DW, Hansen BA, Lartey S, Onyango TB, Kuwelker K, Saevik M, et al: Long COVID in a prospective cohort of home-isolated patients. Nat Med 2021, 27:1607-1613.

2.         Blomberg B, Manji KP, Urassa WK, Tamim BS, Mwakagile DS, Jureen R, Msangi V, Tellevik MG, Holberg-Petersen M, Harthug S, et al: Antimicrobial resistance predicts death in Tanzanian children with bloodstream infections: a prospective cohort study. BMC Infect Dis 2007, 7:43.

3.         Blomberg B, Jureen R, Manji KP, Tamim BS, Mwakagile DS, Urassa WK, Fataki M, Msangi V, Tellevik MG, Maselle SY, Langeland N: High rate of fatal cases of pediatric septicemia caused by gram-negative bacteria with extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. J Clin Microbiol 2005, 43:745-749.

4.         Blomberg B, Fourie B: Fixed-dose combination drugs for tuberculosis: application in standardised treatment regimens. Drugs 2003, 63:535-553.

5.         Blomberg B, Spinaci S, Fourie B, Laing R: The rationale for recommending fixed-dose combination tablets for treatment of tuberculosis. Bull World Health Organ 2001, 79:61-68.

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MD, PhD, spesialist i infeksjonssykdommer og indremedisin

I am a medical doctor, specialist in infectious diseases and internal medicine at Haukeland University Hospital, and an associate professor at the Dept of Clinical Science, University of Bergen. 

I studied at the University of Bergen, MD (1994), PhD (2007). My PhD work was on antimicrobial resistance in severe infections in children in Tanzania, and have continued with research on antimicrobial resistance later on. 

Apart from that, some of my interests are

- tropical medicine, major global infections such as TB, HIV and malaria

- viral infections outbreaks, Ebola, Covid-19