Ultradian Hormone Diagnostics

Ultradian develop novel and dynamic diagnostic of endocrine disorders. Current workup is characterized by often time consuming evaluation of single hormone measurements hormones, sometimes supplemented with complicated dynamic tests. Ultradian dynamic testing combines ambulatory sampling of interstitial fluid over 24 hours with novel ultra-sensitive assays of hormones using only microliter volumes.


UiB receives funding for second Horizon 2020 project

The ULTRADIAN project aims to ameliorate and facilitate endocrine diagnostics and treatment for both patients and the health care system. The project has recently been awarded close to 6 million Euros from the EU.


Solving genetic riddles and finding hormone rhythms

The EU-supported ULTRADIAN project aims to improve and simplify the diagnosis and treatment of hormone diseases for both patients and the national health service.

Ultradian | Horizon 2020

Ultradian Project Partners Presentation

We propose to transform current endocrine diagnostics from time-consuming single-analyte and complex function tests to dynamic endocrine diagnostics which can be performed at a “one stop clinic” appointment.

Ultradian | Horizon 2020

Ultradian Partner Meeting in London

Ultradian Partner Meeting in Windsor, London

Ultradian | Horizon 2020

Olle Kämpe joins the Nobel Assembly

Professor Olle Kämpe at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm was recently asked to join the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet.

The project partners are: University of Bergen (NO), University of Bristol(UK), Karolinska institutet (S), OLINK AB (S), DESIGNWORKS (UK), and Evangelismos Hospital (GR).   

Ultradian is a research project funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Programme for Research and Innovation.