Ultradian Hormone Diagnostics

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Ultradian Hormone Diagnostics

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Currently we do not recruite new partcipants to the study. 

The Ultradian project is about developing new tools for the diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders.

Current workup is characterized by repetitive single time point measurements of hormones, often supplemented with complicated and time-consuming dynamic tests.

Ultradian dynamic testing combines ambulatory sampling of interstitial fluid over 24 hours with novel ultra-sensitive assays, allowing characterization of circadian and ultradian hormone rhythms in both health and disease. We hope that this technology will improve the way that endocrine disorders and diagnosed and treated.

Man and rhythms

Ultradian conference - Biological rhythms in health and disease

The Ultradian consortium warmly welcomes you to "Biological rhythms in health and disease" 28 - 29 August 2019, University Aula, University of Bergen

U-Rhythm device

New U-Rhythm prototype

New prototype launched at Ultradian consortium meeting

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Horizon 2020

Milestone Update: Steroid Hormone Analyses started

The Ultradian Platform for Metabolomics at the University of Bergen has completed the development of the 3rd Generation Steroid Hormone Assay.

The project partners are: University of Bergen (NO), University of Bristol(UK), Karolinska institutet (S), OLINK AB (S), DESIGNWORKS (UK), and Evangelismos Hospital (GR).   

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 633515. 

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