Ultradian Hormone Diagnostics

The Endocrine group is seeking healthy volunteers

We need healthy volunteers for a clinical trial aiming to map how hormone levels vary from hour to hour over the 24h cycle. These rapid oscillations in hormone levels are called ultradian rhythms, but our knowledge about these fluctuations in different diseases is very limited.

Ultradian Hormone Diagnostics


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We now aim to map ultradian rhythms in detail by applying a new technique by which interstitial fluid is continuously sampled from the subcutaneous tissue while the test person goes about his or her daily activities. The method is safe and performed under aseptic conditions.

For more info https://www.uib.no/en/ultradian


Who can participate:

You can volunteer if you are a healthy person not using regular medication (except estrogens), and between 18 and 68 of age with a body mass index below 28 kg/m2. 



The interstitial fluid is collected via a thin catheter placed under the skin on the abdomen. The procedure is safe, painless and without risk of infection. After the sampler is connected, you can go about your daily activities and only return to the hospital 27 hours later to remove the equipment. We can reimburse travel cost and lost income to a certain limit. Please see the film above, which shows the procedure. 


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EU project approved by The Regional Ethics Committee REK 2015-872