5th International workshop on modeling the ocean


The session themes below cover a wide range of topics which reflect the current interests of the members of the Science Committee.

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But not to worry if you think your submission "may not quite fit." We welcome submissions on all topics in oceanography and in coupled processes between the ocean and atmosphere, surface waves, sediment, land and ice. Both modeling and observational analyses with an eye to understanding processes are welcome.

After the abstract submission deadline (1. February 2013), the scientific committee will group the talks in sessions that reflect the thematic content of the contributions.


IWMO2013 Session themes (not in order)


"Multi-scale interactions in ocean circulation dynamics and variability"

Chair: Bo Qiu (bo@soest.hawaii.edu)

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"Circulation and Dynamics in Shelf Seas"

Chair: Jianping Gan (magan@ust.hk) and Bjørn Ådlandsvik (bjorn@imr.no)

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"Numerical techniques, data assimilation and forecast systems"

Chair: Jinyu Sheng (Jinyu.Sheng@dal.ca)


"Dynamics of Muddy Coasts and Estuaries"

Chair: Xiao Hua Wang (hua.wang@adfa.edu.au)

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"Surface waves, the parameterisation of wind stress and their effect on ocean circulation"

Chairs: Richard Greatbatch (rgreatbatch@geomar.de) and Alastair Jenkins (alastair.jenkins@uni.no)

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"Coupled bio-physical ocean models"

Chairs: Huijie Xue (hxue@maine.edu) and Corinna Schrum 


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"Modelling and Prediction of Marine Extreme Events"

Chair: Jinyu Sheng  (Jinyu.Sheng@dal.ca)

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"Analysis methods for oceanic observations, satellite data, and model simulations"

Chair: Tal Ezer (tezer@odu.edu)


"Oceanic internal waves: Theoretical modelling and observational evidence"

Chair: Vasyl Vlasenko (vasyl.vlasenko@plymouth.ac.uk)


"Ocean circulation and its scale interactions with various other phenomena"

Chair: Yasumasa Miyazawa (miyazawa@jamstec.go.jp)