5th International workshop on modeling the ocean

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Deadline 1 February 2013

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Please email abstract, by 1 February 2013 to iwmodsp@gmail.com in Microsoft Word format (*.doc or &.docx). Please indicate an "index term" that is most appropriate to the topic of your Abstract, either make up your own (e.g. Air-Sea Interaction) or AGU-style. Please also indicate which author(s) will attend and present, and whether you prefer poster or oral.

First-author presenters who are graduate students or postdocs not more than 2 years past their graduation are eligible to participate in the Outstanding Young Scientist Award (OYSA) competition. Please indicate above the title of your Abstract as in the example below if you wish to enter.


Abstract Example

Index Term: Ecosystems, structure, dynamics, and modeling

Attendees: Mei, Einstein & Shinawatra

Presenter: Fu-Yee Mei

Presentation Type: Oral



A Bio-Physical Model of the South China Sea

Fu-Yee Mei*, Robert Einstein, Sadir Gupta, Mika Shinawatra and Johann Muller

Department of Ocean Biology, Kingston University, Kingston, NJ 08429, USA. E-mail: fymei@kingston.edu

A coupled bio-physical model of the South China Sea incorporating Monte-Carlo algorithm and Lagrangian transport dynamics has been developed. The model has been validated extensively against long-term observations from 1982-present. It is shown that climate warming cannot account for the increase in the regional fish stocks in the past decades. Instead, the weakening of the Kuroshio has resulted in stronger intrusion of deep N-Pacific waters through the Luzon Strait, and in increased upwellling that brings nutrient-rich deep waters to the surface layers of the South China Sea, resulting in enhanced productivity. This is the first time such a linkage between physical circulation and biology has been demonstrated and verified against data.