ARQUS Alliance

Students working on diversity, interdisciplinary and social challenges

The second Arqus Winter School, postponed from February, will take place 2-6 May at the University of Granada.

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The Arqus School brings together students from each Arqus university. Undergraduate, except first-year, and Master's students from all disciplines can participate in this great initiative of the Arqus Alliance. 

The School is the start of a unique educational journey for students. They will reflect their role as European citizens and how this citizenship is influenced by societal challenges.

The students will be equipped with interdisciplinary research ideas, skills and resources so that they can develop group research projects in the areas of diversity, interdisciplinarity and social challenges.

This year's programme focuses on:

  • Setting the context: Diversity and citizenship in a complex world.
  • Human and social diversity.
  • Biodiversity and geodiversity.
  • Making connections: Diversity in coastal environments.
  • Engaged European citizenship in a diverse world.

The key principles and detailed information about the programme can be found here.

The following activities will be included: 

  • Lectures, debates and round tables.
  • Workshops presenting practical tools to address the challenge-based learning programme.
  • Thematic excursions to experience diversity and interculturality through field experience.

More information is also available on the website for the Arqus Collaboratory Programme 2022.