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This open online course is relevant for all students regardless of their field of study. It has an interdisciplinary focus and explores the concepts of mental and physical borders and the shaping of modern European identity and citizenship.
Join the Sommer School in Padua and learn how to use the Design Thinking methodology to explore innovative solutions to different topics.
The University of Padua hosts the online workshop “Language villages – drawing on participants' linguistic repertoires in multilingual communicative scenarios” 27 May.
This MOOC on challenge-based learning through Arqus is aimed at teachers and other staff in higher education.
What happens when over 40 students from European universities come together to discuss urgent social challenges in uncertain times?
Students from the teacher education programme at UiB visited Université Jean Monnet in France. The aim is to learn from each other, and achieve a long-term collaboration between the universities.
The new episode of the Arqus podcast is dedicated to an amazing experience where 90 students will be sailing across the Pacific while learning about ocean, climate and society.
The controversies around the use of electric scooters in the city of Bergen formed the basis of the case used to forming a new research agenda.
In this workshop participants will receive an introduction to digital storytelling and learn about the basic steps involved in the process of creating and facilitating the creation of digital stories.
Participate in the virtual exchange programme for students and become an entrepreneur!
The University of Graz organises a programme for university teachers to develop teaching techniques, language skills and cross-cultural competence for teaching in the international classroom. It will take place in April 2022.
This workshop offered by the University of Graz presents key aspects of the teacher education programme in the southeast of Austria with regard to Slavic languages including regional and minority languages.
At the last rector's council meeting the University of Minho (Portugal) and the University of Wroclaw (Poland) were announced as new members of the Alliance.
Researchers who are interested in network building around climate change-related issues are invited to participate in the Arqus RI workshops on climate change.
Leipzig University has decided to offer another two-part workshop for teaching staff in which interactive methods for teaching language and content courses in English will be practised.
English as a Medium of Instruction in the university context is a current research topic that encompasses many aspects of teaching, pedagogy and language learning methods.
The second Arqus Winter School, postponed from February, will take place 2-6 May at the University of Granada.
Leipzig University has organised a workshop series for all Arqus students that are interested in improving their academic English skills.