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One ocean expedition

Sailing for Sustainable Oceans

The new episode of the Arqus podcast is dedicated to an amazing experience where 90 students will be sailing across the Pacific while learning about ocean, climate and society.

Katja Enberg sitting on the deck of the sailing vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl.
Associate Professor Katja Enberg will be teaching the course Ocean-Climate-Society.
Torill Sommerfelt Ervik

Main content

The Norwegian tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl is on a circumnavigation that started from Norway in August 2021. In the period 1 May-25 August, the University of Bergen is in charge of teaching a course while sailing across the Pacific from Valparaíso in Chile, ending up in Palau in the western part of the Pacific. The voyage is part of the One Ocean Expedition.

Podcast with course teacher

Associate Professor Katja Enberg from the Department of Biological Sciences at UiB is the course leader for Ocean-Climate-Society, SDG200. She has recently been interviewed in the Arqus University Alliance podcast that goes by the name Knowledge Pills. Enberg will teach the course for 90 students onboard the sailing vessel over a period of four months.

Unique learning experience

The students make quite a heteregenous group, originating from different countries and nationalities, as well as from institutions both nationally and internationally. In addition they are from very diverse educational backgrounds, with students from art and design to law and biology. 

In the podcast Enberg talks about how the students can benefit from this experience in a unique learning environment, as well as how she expects to grow and change personally during this journey. 

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or where you usually enjoy podcasts: #10: What can you learn aboard a ship about sustainability?