Arts and Gardens


The Aesthetic Committee was established by decision of the University Board on April 29th, 2010. The committee follows two earlier committees, Utsmykningsutvalget (the Decoration Committee) and Hageutvalget (the Garden Committee).

Main content

* The University Aesthetic Committee has chief responsibility for the exterior and interior artistic decoration of the University, the choice of decorations and the overall environment surrounding each object and that these are handled in an appropriate manner. The Committee can, within its economical framework, initiate measures to fulfill its purpose.

* The Committee will consider offers of artistic gifts and their location and initiate purchases of art.

* The Committee will seek to coordinate the overall decoration of the University, as far as possible through representation or observer status in the local decoration committees for new buildings and in collaboration with KORO - Public Art Norway.

* The Committee will oversee the maintenance and security of the University's art and decorations.

* The Committee can have an advisory function in the construction of new and maintenance of existing outdoor areas and shall oversee that the University's premises and outdoor areas appear in a representative and orderly way to students, staff and the city's population.

* The Committee will ensure the information on and communication of decorations to the university community.