Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Financial seminar support for master students

Master students who are given the opportunity to attend seminars and/or conferences can apply for financial support.

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The support is intended to cover expenses for participation at national or international symposiums. The individual master student applies for and is in the disposal of funds, and must keep an account of their use. The student is responsible for staying within budget.

Application deadlines are as follows:

  1. deadline: 1 December
  2. deadline: 1 March
  3. deadline: 1 September

The department ranks the applications and makes the final decisions.

Criteria for funding

The student must be admitted to the master´s programme and have paid the semester fees when the seminar/conference takes place. Documented travel expenses (original tickets) and a set amount per day will be compensated up to a given sum.

If flying, low fair tickets must be used. The original tickets or receipts from airline companies (electronic receipts are accepted) must be attached. If using a private car, only petrol receipts and any ferry tickets can be compensated. Mileage reimbursements are not possible when using a car.

The seminar/conference fee will not be funded by the department, and may have to be paid by the student/attendant or the research group the student is a part of. This must be determined before the application is sent to the department.

Priority of applicants:

  1. Applicants presenting their own work are to be prioritised.
  2. Applicants well into their master studies are to be prioritised over students just starting
  3. Applicants attending a seminar/conference after having finished their work with their master thesis will be given low priority.

Funding amounts

  • Maximum 7 days
  • Maximum 5000 NOK in total

The daily rate is set to 300 NOK. Students who also get funding elsewhere must inform of this in the application. This applies to any external support in the form of financial support from funds, companies, the Norwegian Research council, projects, etc.


The application for funding to attend a seminar/conference can be found here. Make sure to include the following information: destination, number of days, predicted expenses, and amount of seminar/conference fee if applicable.

The application is sent to the department. Incomplete applications will be returned, and thus the processing time of these applications will increase.

Financial records

The financial records from the trip must be documented on this form, and be delivered to the department within one (1) month after returning from the trip. Records handed in after this date will not be reimbursed. A short written report on the seminar/conference must also be included. 

If the funding is not used, the department must be informed of this as soon as possible. Students who do not inform the department will not be eligible to receive support at a later date. The allocated funds are normally not transferred from one financial year to another.