Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

bioCEED – Centre for Excellence in Biology Education 2014-2023

bioCEED was a Centre for Excellence in Biology Education (SFU) from 2014-2023. bioCEED was a consortium between the Department of Biology at UiB (BIO), Department of Arctic Biology at UNIS (AB), Department of Education at UiB (UPED), and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR). The vision behind bioCEED was that the rapid change in biology and the biologist's role in society create new demands, not only to the content of the biology education, but also to how we teach future biologists.

Entusiastisk student på feltkurs
Man running with insect nets in a field of yellow flowers.
Linn Katrine Hagenlund

Main content

The vision behind bioCEED is to provide a practice in biology education and means to educate future biologists, in a way that reflects a society where the role of biology and biologists is constantly changing. 

 To achieve this, bioCEED has three main goals:

  • Include the whole “biological triangle” in biology education – give the students experience with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and tasks relevant to society throughout their whole course of study. This will be achieved by (among other things):
    • Continued focus on “field and lab” education
    • Offer internships in research, management and in the industrial sector
  • Shift from a teaching culture to a learning culture
    • Actively engage students in their own learning
    • Develop and test new learning methods in the whole “triangle”
    • Share experiences via web-forums, workshops, educational sabbaticals and conferences
  • Bring the best of the teaching culture into the teaching
    • Joint responsibility, continued development, peer review and recognition of success
    • Create an arena for discussion, sharing of knowledge, learning and development
    • Document and share knowledge and experiences on the topic of biology education

The goal is that our education will develop fundamental scientific skills and attitude among our students and train them in how to solve important challenges in science, industry and the society as whole.

Read more about bioCEED, our projects and how you can get involved in creating excellence in education on our website: www.bioceed.no