Bergen Network for Women in Philosophy
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Teksten "regulation" og en hånd som trykker på "skiltet"

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At the Network Meeting on December 4, 2019, partaking members approved unanimously the following statutes of the network, which shall comply with the practice that has evolved from 2012:

The purpose of the network is to recruit women to the subject, recruit women to research and to support women in philosophy in Bergen. This purpose is fulfilled by the network's efforts to make visible the contribution of women to the profession.

Membership in the network can be held by women who:

  • Have been or are students at the Department of Philosophy/FoF
  • Have been or are PhD candidates in philosophy at UiB
  • Have been or are employed in a permanent or temporary researcher and/or teaching position at FoF
  • Have a philosophy background and reside in Bergen
  • Are students, PhD candidates or employees at other institutes at UiB and are working on philosophical issues.

The membership should be confirmed each year. Members will get an email with a form to confirm membership.

The network has a female leader who works for a two-year term and is recruited from the following category:

  • Permanent employee at FoF with senior competancy (postdoctoral fellow, associate professor, professor)


The network can have a female leadership team (2-3 people) working for a two-year term. In this case, one of the leaders is recruited from the above category, while the others can be recruited from the following categories:

  • Permanent employee at FoF
  • Temporary employee at FoF
  • Fellow/PhD candidate at FoF
  • Master's student at FoF