Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW)
Conference on Coexistence

A very important topic in the debate on offshore wind energy

Coexistence was the topic of a high-profile conference in Oslo on 25 April. BOW's director Finn Gunnar Nielsen participated with a presentation and in a panel debate on the topic.

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Direktør for BOW, Finn Gunnar Nielsen (to the right) in a panel debate on the conference
FOTO: Norwegian Offshore Wind

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On 25 April 2022, Norwegian Offshore Wind and partners arranged a conference at Gamle Logen in Oslo. The theme of the conference was coexistence at sea with a focus on offshore wind. The conference brought together a number of representatives from the leading academic environments, business actors and key politicians on the topic.

Norway manages large areas

Director of Bergen Offshore Wind Center (BOW), Finn Gunnar Nielsen, gave an introduction to the topic "What does offshore wind mean in terms of skilled workers and land use?" He illustrated the large areas that Norway manages and which make Norway a great power in offshore wind resources. With Europe's great ambitions for the development of energy from offshore wind in the years ahead, an area of about 10% of the entire North Sea will be required. This requires thorough marine spatial planning.

Requires interdiciplinary competence and dialogue 

Furthermore, Finn Gunnar Nielsen participated in a panel debate entitled «Knowledge about the consequences of offshore wind. What do the researchers say? ” led by Peter Haugan, Director of Research at the Institute of Marine Research. Here, the need for interaction between different users of the sea and an improved knowledge base was emphasized. Interdisciplinary dialogue is crucial to success.

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