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Students interested in writing a master's thesis in 2023/24 as part of the research project “Exploring the Insanity Defense in the Global South” can apply for a grant of NOK 40,000. We welcome students from all Faculties at the UiB.
Are you interested in law as political strategy? How rights, law and courts are used as instruments for social change, and how different groups use legal mobilization in and out of court to advance their goals? Apply by 1 June 2022!
Four of the five most popular master programmes among international applicants directly tackle global challenges. 
Religious minorities can challenge societal consensus on how people should lead their lives. How much difference are societies and states willing to allow for? A brand-new online master’s program aims to improve our knowledge about religious minorities around the world.
The launch at the University Aula concluded with two large panels representing the diversity of scientific milieus tackling global challenges in Bergen. Together they will work to make Bergen the place of choice for students seeking knowledge and skills to help solve global challenges.
Bergen School of Global Studies brings together graduate programmes and courses across all UiB's seven Faculties, with relevance to solving complex challenges facing the world today. BSGS rests on five pillers led by excellent research groups engaged with climate change, governance, global health, inequality, and migration.