B'Waves 2016

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B'Waves 2016


A workshop focussed on wave breaking in oceanic and coastal waters


June 13 - 17,  2016, University of Bergen, Norway


The workshop will take place in "Pi i fjerde" on the fourth floor of Realfagbygget


Group photo from the workshop


A number of keynote and invited lectures will review the state of the art in our understanding of wave breaking. The main goal is to incite discussions about the limitations of the available techniques for the modeling of wave breaking, and to identify possible avenues leading to a better description of this challenging physical phenomenon.


Keynote lectures by:

  Michael Banner, University of New South Wales

  Oliver Fringer, Stanford University, USA

  James Kirby,  University of Delaware

  Philip Liu, Cornell University

Bergen harbour


The historical harbour is one Bergen's most iconical landmarks


University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is hosting B'Waves 2016