KG Jebsen Center for Genome-Directed Cancertherapy

Research projects

Lønning og Knappskog på laboratoriet
PI Per Eystein Lønning and co-PI forsker Stian Knappskog
Tor Erik H. Mathiesen

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The center facilitates and academic work is organized into six different groups:

Molecular biology

Researcher Stian Knappskog leads the work at Mohn's cancer research laboratory where genetic analyzes of tumors and bioinformatic treatment of research data are performed.


Professor Ola Mykelbost will lead a basket study with preclinical research and analysis of samples. For futher reading, please visit https://myklebost.w.uib.no/nb/.


Pathology research is led by Prof II Hrvoje Miletic.

Breast cancer

The project is led by Senior Consultant, Professor II Hans Petter Eikesdal, which includes breast cancer patients during treatment with pre-surgical systemic treatment and patients with metastatic disease.

Colorectal cancer

Senior Consultat and postdoctoral researcher Inger Marie Løes leads the study of patients with metastatic coloractal cancer.

Lung cancer

Senior Consultant Inger Marie Sandvik leads the study of patients with lung cancer.