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Working after cancer treatment

Associate professor Line Oldervoll is co-author on a published article on work participation after cancer treatment

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Line M. Oldervoll is co-author of a new protocol article on work participation after cancer treatment published in the Journal of Public Health Research, 2020 Volume 9, 1739

Many cancer patients experience late effects after successful cancer treatment and struggle to return to work. This protocol article describes the method and issues for a registry study. This study aims to investigate laborforce participation, sick leave and disability rates among cancersurvivors up to 10 years after being diagnosed with cancer. The purpose of the study is to investigate

a) participation in work, sick leave and disability benefits and identify comorbidities that may affect long-term sick leave and disability
b) how the type of cancer, type of treatment, employment conditions and socio-demographic factors affect participation in working life
c) how participation in rehabilitation in the specialist health service affects work participation, readmissions and the incidence of comorbidities in cancer survivors up to 10 years after the cancer diagnosis.

The study provides important information on how treatment, rehabilitation and sociodemographic factors affect work participation over a 10-year period.