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Unnatural Narratology in Electronic Literature

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural Transmedial Narrative Theory, Method, and Analysis

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural: Transmedial Narrative Theory, Method, and Analysis offers the first comprehensive and systematic theoretical, methodological, and analytical examination of unnatural narratology as a medium-specific and transmedial phenomenon.

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural book cover
The Ohio State University Press

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The Digital Narrative Network welcomes you to this book launch by Astrid Ensslin and Alice Bell.

Digital Fiction and the Unnatural applies and adapts key concepts of narrative theory and analysis to digital-born fictions ranging from hypertext and interactive fiction to 3D-narrative video games, app fiction, and virtual reality. The book addresses the unique affordances of digital fiction by focusing on multilinearity and narrative contradiction, interactional metalepsis, impossible time and space, “extreme” digital narration, and medium-specific forms of textual “you.” In so doing, the book refines, critiques, and expands unnatural, cognitive, and transmedial narratology by placing the form of these new narratives front and center.

Astrid Ensslin is Associate Professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen.

Alice Bell is Professor of English Language and Literature in the Department of Humanities at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK.