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The Center for Digital Narrative (CDN) launched summer 2023 and its research projects have been set in motion. The podcast series ‘Off Center’ will share the research from CDN with an international audience.

Off Center podcast
The topics in the podcast series will range from game studies to AI to VR to new forms of electronic literature that are emerging in digital media.
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In each episode, Scott Rettberg is joined by a researcher from the centre or other academics in the field for an interesting discussion of their expertise.

The discussions in the series are easy to follow and suitable for anyone interested in the field of digital narrativity. Each episode shines a light on another aspect of the field, making them suitable to listen to in any preferred order.

Scott Rettberg says about the podcast series: “I'm planning to talk to the researchers at the Center for Digital Narrative about topics ranging from game studies to AI to VR to new forms of electronic literature that are emerging in digital media.”

Episode 4: Meme Culture, Social Media, and the January 6th Insurrection with Ashleigh Steele

In this episode of ‘Off Center’ Scott Rettberg and journalist and digital culture researcher Ashleigh Steele discuss the impact of memes as "preparatory media" for the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol.

Episode 3: Artistic Research and Digital Writing, with Jason Nelson

In this episode of Off Center, Scott Rettberg and Jason Nelson come together to talk about digital art and poetry, art games, and the bridge to researching Extended Digital Narratives.

Episode 2: The Electronic Book Review and Building the Field of Electronic Literature, with Joseph Tabbi

In this episode, Scott Rettberg is joined by Joseph Tabbi, professor of English at the University of Bergen to discuss the electronic book review, research infrastructure, and electronic literature.

Episode 1: Introducing the Center for Digital Narrative, with Jill Walker Rettberg

In the first episode, Scott Rettberg is joined by Jill Walker Rettberg, co-director of CDN. During the 30-minute-long episode, they talk about what has inspired them over the years to start this research Center of Excellence, the concept of "algorithmic narrativity," and some of the research that the Center will focus on including digital narratives in electronic literature, computer games, social media, computational narrative systems, AI, XR and more.