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Introducing the Center for Digital Narrative

What are digital narratives? How have digital narratives evolved over time and how do they influence our lives today? This exhibition explores the history and the future of digital storytelling: code, html, Flash, videos, games, AI, AR, VR, MR and social media. Digital narratives are stories that use digital technology to create, distribute, or interact with them. They can range from video games, poetry, and social media to interactive documentaries, immersive theatre, and virtual reality.

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Digital narratives are new and emerging forms of storytelling driven by computation. Contemporary life is increasingly driven by digital narratives—whether conspiracy theories proliferating on Facebook, storyworlds emerging from a computer game industry that now dwarfs other sectors of the entertainment industry, or machine learning systems that generate fiction. Yet we lack a comprehensive and cross-sectoral understanding of how digital narratives function, to what ends they are being used, and how they are shaping culture now and in the future. 

Rabbots 2023

David Jhave Johnston, Rabbots (2023)

David Jhave Johnston

In this exhibition, we will hear from researchers and practitioners who are working at the cutting edge of digital narrative. You will also learn about the research and methods behind these projects, and how they address various cultural and social issues. You will have the chance to experience different forms of digital narratives, such as digital poetry and large-scale projections. The exhibition will show several historical and contemporary digital narrative projects from the last twenty years, and will include an exhibit of books about relevant subjects.

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This exhibition is curated by the Center for Digital Narrative (CDN), a Centre of Excellence at the University of Bergen. CDN aims to establish Norway as a world leader in innovative humanities research and train a new generation of researchers who will be ready to address future challenges. CDN investigates models of interdisciplinary research that are focused both on practice-based methods and qualitative analysis of the new forms of stories told using digital technology.