Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
Vacant positions

Extended deadline: Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation is now recruiting

Three PhD positions and one post doctoral position are now available at the CET centre.

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CET is currently expanding, and is now opening positions to attract talented researchers to its activities. The positions are open to a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds.

“The CET centre is in an exciting start-up phase. We hope to attract strong candidates who will contribute to making this into a dynamic and productive academic environment”, says Håvard Haarstad, Director of CET. “Transforming to a more sustainable energy system and adapting to a changing climate are key challenges for the world, and researchers have an important task in contributing to meeting this challenge.”

CET aims to develop actionable knowledge about societal transformation pathways - strategies for society to decarbonize its energy supply, bring the economy into line with climate and ecological boundaries, and build resilience to changing climates. With a basis in social science, we bring together researchers across disciplinary boundaries in collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Priority areas for CET are:

- Analysis of policy and market dynamics

- Integrated modelling of societal transformation pathways

- Public perceptions and preferences

- Urban and local governance

- National-level energy transitions


See the full announcement here:

Three PhD positions – Climate and energy transformation

Postdoctoral Research Fellow