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CET is partner in a new project on smart transport

Hordaland County Municipality, Skyss and Bergen Municipality recently secured 12.5 million NOK to "MUST – mobility laboratory for the development of smart transport solutions". CET will play a central role in the realization and of this project.

Minister of Transport and Communications together with Hordaland County Municipality
The Norwegian Government

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Before the summer holidays, the Norwegian minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, and Executive Director of the NHO, Kristin Forest Grove, presented the winners of the contest "Smarter transportation in Norway". The competition was launched as a part of the national transport plan 2018-2023 and had a total prize pool of 100 million NOK. All of Norway’s counties were encouraged to team up with other public or private players to create project applications.

In this project, CET will help develop "living labs" – specific trials of smart transport solutions where one can study how these solutions work in practice.

The application from Hordaland County Municipality was one of five which were awarded funding. MUST, which stands for mobility laboratory for the development of smart transport solutions, is "to be a catalyst for technology development, business development and community development related to mobility and transport. The Bergen-region will show the way regarding solving many of the major social challenges related to transportation and mobility. Through research, innovation, interaction and user involvement the project is to transform good ideas into an efficient, attractive and sustainable mobility future”, as it says in the application.

– Through MUST we will acquire knowledge and new insights. We want to work systematically with experience- and knowledge sharing so that insights and solutions developed here in the region also should be able to be put to use elsewhere. We are proud to have CET on the team, and are now looking forward to getting properly started with the collaboration and the creation of MUST, says Hanne Alver Krum, Director of Sales and Marketing Department at the public transport company Skyss.

CET-director Håvard Haarstad is also positive:

– At CET we are very committed to working with key players in the region, such as the County Municipality and Skyss. Therefore, we are very happy for this project, which will help create specific opportunities for research collaboration in the region, he says.

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