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Upcoming events for DIGSSCORE


Week 01

2nd January (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 03

16th January (1)

Annika Rødeseike: Environmental risks and framing effects (Seminar)

Week 04

23rd January (1)

Kjersti Fløttum: Language and climate action (Seminar)

Week 05

30th January (1)

Jon Fiva: How electoral rules shape party systems (Seminar)

Week 06

6th February (1)

Effects of reasonable doubt clarifications on the evaluation of guilt (Seminar)

Week 07

13th February (1)

Lene Aarøe: How the behavioral immune system shapes anti-immigration attitudes (Seminar)

Week 08

20th February (1)

Erling Moxnes: What makes climate conferences effective? (Seminar)

Week 10

6th March (1)

Erik Knudsen: Why do we (dis)trust the news media? (Seminar)

Week 11

13th March (1)

Arnfinn Midtbøen: The persistence of ethnic and racial discrimination (Seminar)

Week 14

3rd April (1)

Marta Eidheim: Class, voting and redistribution (Seminar)

Week 15

10th April (1)

Susanne Bygnes: A collective sigh of relief (Seminar)

Week 16

17th April (1)

DIGSSCORE/FAIR-seminar (Seminar)

Week 19

8th May (1)

Anders Todal Jenssen: European Values Survey (Seminar)

Week 20

15th May (1)

IMEX: Making life work in a new place (Seminar)

Week 21

22nd May (1)

Hallgeir Sjåstad: Minding the future? (Seminar)

Week 22

29th May (1)

Mikael Hedne: Studying intuitive decision making (Seminar)

Week 23

5th June (1)

Birgit Kopainsky: Field experiments with farmers in Zambia (Seminar)

Week 24

12th June (1)

Jill Walker Rettberg: Machine vision in every day life (Seminar)

Week 36

4th September (1)

Aars, Arnesen and Christensen: The challenge from terrorism in the Nordic countries (Seminar)

Week 37

11th September (1)

Dr. Midori Aoyagi: Climate change risk perception in Asia (Seminar)

Week 38

Week 39

25th September (1)

Armèn Hakhverdian: Real but Unequal Representation in Welfare State Reform (Seminar)

Week 40

2nd October (1)

Yvette Peters: The Panel of Elected Representatives, round 1 (Seminar)

Week 42

16th October (1)

Katerina Linos: How Technology is Transforming Migration and Refugee Law (Seminar)

Week 43

23rd October (1)

Rasmus K. Rendsvig: First considerations on political bubbles (Seminar)

Week 44

30th October (1)

DIGSSCORE/FAIR-seminar (Seminar)

Week 45

6th November (1)

Lise Lund Bjånesøy: The propensity to vote for the nativist right – citizen response in open text (Seminar)

Week 46

13th November (1)

Paul Sniderman: Suspect loyalty: Challenges to Leadership of Muslim Minority Communities (Seminar)

Week 47

Week 48

27th November (1)

Adam Shehata: Internet Use and Political Interest: Growth Curves and Reinforcing Spirals During Adolescence (Seminar)

Week 49

4th December (1)

Sveinung Arnesen: Upward Representation Bias (Seminar)

Week 50

11th December (1)

Johan Martinsson: The Swedish Citizen Panel and the Laboratory of Opinion Research (Seminar)


Week 03

15th January (1)

Fairness preferences in the face of limited information: Thomas de Haan (Seminar)

Week 04

22nd January (1)

Two presentations from Fafo: On labor force and environmental protection in China (DIGSSCORE-seminar) (Seminar)

Week 05

29th January (1)

Tuesday lunch: Endre Tvinnereim and Håvard Haarstad (Seminar)

Week 06

5th February (1)

Åsta Nordø: Opinion Stability in Representative Democracies: making a Case for the Politically Coherent Citizen (Seminar)

Week 07

12th February (1)

Adriana Bunea: Consultation effects (ERC-project) (Seminar)

Week 08

19th February (1)

Stefaan Walgrave: Who are the politicians that sense what the people want? (Seminar)

Week 09

26th February (1)

Hanna Jones: Preliminary findings from a study of Norwegians’ perceptions of climate justice (Seminar)

Week 10

5th March (1)

Thea Gregersen: Worry about climate change: The role of mental models and political ideology (Seminar)

Week 11

12th March (1)

Pedro Magalhaes: Transparency, Policy Outcomes, and Political Support in Local Government (Seminar)

Week 12

19th March (1)

Linn Normand: Documenting the undocumented (Seminar)

Week 13

26th March (1)

Natalia Alvarado: The Quality of Government Datasets (Seminar)

Week 14

2nd April (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Erik Knudsen (Seminar)

Week 17

23rd April (1)

Mikael Johannesson: The amount of text for topic models (Seminar)

Week 18

30th April (1)


Week 20

14th May (1)

Xiaozi Liu: Informing socially sustainable afforestation strategies to mitigate climate change (Seminar)

Week 21

21st May (1)

Margit Tavits: Legacies of the Third Reich: Concentration Camps and Outgroup Intolerance (Seminar)

Week 22

28th May (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Behind the Norwegian Citizen Panel (Seminar)

Week 23

Week 38

17th September (1)

Linn Sandberg: Socially Mediated Issue Ownership, with a case study of the Swedish 2014 election (Seminar)

Week 41

8th October (1)

Amanda Kvarven: Does Meta-Analysis Promote Cumulative Science? A Resampling Approach (Seminar)

Week 43

22nd October (1)

Arild Ohren: Deliberative mini-publics as source of trust on sustainability issues (Seminar)

Week 44

29th October (1)

Fimreite and Aars: Listening to the people (Seminar)

Week 45

5th November (1)

Kari Steen-Johnsen: Terror, trust and political attitudes - insight from a comparative project (Seminar)

Week 46

12th November (1)

Kim Andersen: News Deserts and Local Political Knowledge (Seminar)

Week 47

Week 49

3rd December (1)

Miriam Metzger: What can credibility research teach us about fake news and how to combat it? (Seminar)

Week 50

10th December (1)

Hege Høivik Bye: Political Solidarity with Asylum Seekers: Effects of Information and Intergroup Contact (Seminar)


Week 06

4th February (1)

Ingar Haaland: Do People Value More Informative News (Seminar)

Week 07

11th February (1)

Marta Eidheim: The role of social class in economic distribution policy attitudes (Seminar)

Week 08

Tomorrow 18th February (1)

Mette Strømsø: Beneath the waves of nationalism: How ordinary people living in Norway (re)produce the nation in everyday life (Seminar)

Week 10

3rd March (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Ingrid Faleide (Seminar)

Week 11

10th March (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Felicia Loecherbach (Seminar)

Week 12

17th March (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Alexander Ryan (Seminar)

Week 13

24th March (1)

DIGSSCORE/FAIR-seminar at NHH (Seminar)

Week 14

31st March (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Andrea Ceron (Seminar)

Week 16

14th April (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Annika Fredén (Seminar)

Week 17

21st April (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Gissur Erlingsson (Seminar)

Week 18

28th April (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Sverker Carlsson Jagers (Seminar)

Week 20

12th May (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Pedro Riera Sagrera (Seminar)

Week 21

19th May (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Miles Hewstone (Seminar)

Week 22

26th May (1)

Tuesday lunch seminar: Mathew McCubbins (Seminar)