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Week 53

1st January (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 07

17th February (1)

Book Launch: Tax Justice and Global Inequality (Event)

Week 14

Week 34

25th August (1)

22 July 2011 at Ten: Commemoration and Commitment (Conference)
Starts - Event ends at 27.08.2021

27th August (1)

22 July 2011 at Ten: Commemoration and Commitment (Conference)

Week 36

7th September (1)


Week 38

Week 47

23rd November (1)

Benny Geys: Don’t Blame Me! (Seminar)


Week 07

15th February (1)

Responsibility for Climate Change Mitigation: Comparing Politicians and Citizens (Seminar)

Week 08

22nd February (1)


Week 10

8th March (1)

Behavioral neuroscience in political science and public administration (Seminar)

Week 11

15th March (1)

Geographic identities and affective polarization in Norway (Seminar)

Week 13

29th March (1)

The stigmatisation effect of the radical right on voters' assessment of political proposals (Seminar)

Week 14

5th April (1)

Data quality in (non-)probability online panels: What do we know? (Seminar)

Week 17

26th April (1)

Anti-muslim sentiment across the ideological spectrum: Evidence from a conjoint experiment (Seminar)

Week 18

3rd May (1)

From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study (Seminar)

Week 37

13th September (1)

Runa Falck: Public support for individual and government climate action (Seminar)

Week 38

20th September (1)

Stefan Dahlberg & Sofie Blombäck: Swedish Parliamentary Election 2022 (Seminar)

Week 39

27th September (1)

Representing climate policy preferences (Seminar)

Week 40

4th October (1)

Attitudes toward fossil fuel subsidy removal: A cross-country analysis on four continents (Seminar)

Week 41

Week 42

18th October (1)

Parliamentary Stayers in Western Democracies: Mind the Gender-Gap in Political Endurance. (Seminar)

Week 43

25th October (1)

Causes and Consequences of Generational Inequality in Political Representation (Seminar)

Week 44

1st November (1)

The Green Gender Gap: A study of gender differences in green ideology in Europe (Seminar)

Week 45

8th November (1)

Elastic Representation: Mikael Johannesson (Seminar)

Week 46

Week 47

22nd November (1)

Electoral expectations and strategic voting during the 2021 Storting elections (Seminar)

Week 48

29th November (1)

The Mainstreaming of the Far Right in Public Debates (Seminar)

Week 49


Week 06

Week 07

14th February (1)

DIGSSCORE seminar: Party-Interest Group Ties: The Resource Exchange Model Revisited (Seminar)

Week 11

14th March (1)

DIGSSCORE seminar: Beyond Policy: How Identity Politics Shape Group-Party Linkages (Seminar)

Week 21

23rd May (1)

DIGSSCORE seminar: Education, Political Efficacy and Informed Citizenship (Seminar)

Week 22

30th May (1)

DIGSSCORE seminar: The Party Branch and the Council Party Group: Who Governs? (Seminar)

Week 37

12th September (1)

Election special. First analyses of the results of the local elections 2023 (Event)

Week 38

19th September (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Quantitative Text Analysis: From Bag-of-Words to Word Embeddings (Seminar)

Week 42

Week 46

14th November (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Problem Importance across Time and Space (Seminar)

Week 47

21st November (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Civil Society Elites in Europe (Seminar)

23rd November (1)

Turbulent decade: Trends from the Norwegian Citizen Panel (Seminar)
Registration deadline: Expired.

Week 48

28th November (1)

Signs of Violence: Semiotic Violence and the U.S. Capitol Insurrection (Seminar)

Week 49

5th December (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Ideological alignment and turnover intention among civil servants (Seminar)

Week 50

12th December (1)

Seminar for DIGSSCORE and the Citizens and Democracy research group (Seminar)


Week 05

30th January (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: The Cost of Speaking Freely in a Liberal Democracy (Seminar)

Week 08

Week 12

19th March (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Understanding the Green Gender Gap: The Role of Gender Identity (Seminar)

Week 14

Week 17

Tuesday 23rd April (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Citizen demand for accountable AI in government and public administration (Seminar)

Week 18

30th April (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Linn Sandberg (Seminar)

Week 19

7th May (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Katharina Lawall (Seminar)

Week 20

14th May (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Hege Stein Helland (Seminar)

Week 21

21st May (1)

DIGSSCORE Seminar: Four Arenas of Inequality Conflict (Seminar)