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Norwegian Criminal Insanity Law

Welcome to this open conference on legal, philosophical and psychiatric perspectives on mental disorder and criminal justice at the Faculty of Law – University of Bergen.

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The conference is organized as part of the DIMENSIONS project that studies criminal insanity and how this legal doctrine is related to mental illnesses.

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About the conference

The conference will shed light on legal, philosophical and psychiatric perspectives on mental disorder and criminal justice. The Norwegian insanitymodel in theory and practice will be presented and discussed. The aim is to get a step closer to a common understanding of mental illness and insanity across different disciplines.



10.00 – 10.05: Opening of the conference by Prof. Karl Harald Søvig, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen.

The Legal Framework

10:05 – 10:35: Presentation: Criminal Insanity in Norwegian Law
- Prof. Linda Grøning, Principal Investigator of the DIMENSIONS-project, University of Bergen.

10.35 – 10.45: Q&A

Short Break (Coffee and snack)

Philosophical Foundations and Justifications

11:00 – 11:45: Keynote: “The Foundations and Justifications of the specific Norwegian Model for Criminal Insanity”
- Prof. Michael S. Moore, University of Illinois.

11:45 – 12:00: Commentary: “An Alternative Perspective on Criminal Insanity”.
- Prof. Stephen J. Morse, University of Pennsylvania.

12:00 – 12:15: Q&A

Lunch Break

Perspectives from Psychiatry

13:00–13:30: Presentation: “Experiences from a forensic psychiatrist”
- Randi Rosenqvist, Forensic Psychiatrist and former Head of the The Norwegian Board of Forensic Medicine.

13:30–14:00: Presentation: “What does it mean to be psychotic: A scientific perspective”
- Ass. Prof. Rune A. Kroken, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen / Chief Physician Haukeland University Hospital - Psychosis Unit.

14:00–14:15: Q&A.

Contemporary challenges

14:30–15:30: Panel discussion and questions.
Representatives from the criminal justice system in Norway:
- Maria Hessen Jacobsen, Defence Lawyer, Elden Law Firm
- Lise Gro Søreide, Judge, Bergen District Court
- Torunn Salomonsen, Department Director, Legislation Department, Ministry of Justice and Public Security
- Eirik Stolt-Nielsen, Attorney General, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane Regional Prosecutor's Office


Presentations by Michael Moore and Stephen More will be digital due to covid-19 travel restrictions. Video production and streaming of the conference by Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication.