DIMENSIONS is a five-year project at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. DIMENSIONS studies criminal insanity and how this legal doctrine is related to mental illnesses, particularly psychosis.

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DIMENSIONS will create new knowledge about the legal understanding of one of the welfare society's weakest groups.

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By fusing philosophy, legal research, and mental health research, DIMENSIONS seeks to develop the legal understanding of psychosis and how it is related to criminal insanity. With the Norwegian medical model as a legal basis, the project challenges current insanity paradigms.

The medical model identifies insanity exclusively with mental disorder and essentially with psychosis, without any requirement that this condition influence the crime. As such, this model carries specific opportunities to explore the interrelations between philosophical, legal, and medical premises involved in the problem. Ultimately, DIMENSIONS targets a unified insanity model that is valid across involved disciplines and that opens research paths beyond current insanity models.

The philosophical dimensions 

The philsophical studies explore the foundations, possible justifications, and content of the insanity doctrine. 

The medical dimensions

The medical studies explores the law’s understanding of psychosis.

Multidimensional analysis 

Through mulitdimensional analysis, insights provided by the different studies are here brought together to analyse their relations and to explore the potential and content of a unified insanity doctrine.


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