People in the DIMENSIONS project

DIMENSIONS is highly interdisciplinary and has an international research team with members from Bergen, Oslo, Sweden and U.S.A.

Group picture of the DIMENSIONS project team.
PHOTO: The members of the DIMENSIONS team present at the workshop in Bergen, October 2021.
Kim Einar Andreassen / UiB

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Project leader 


Photo of Linda Gröning
University of Bergen


The project manager is prof. law, Linda Gröning (University of Bergen). She has strong legal and interdisciplinary skills, specific expertise on criminal insanity, proven expertise in leading large projects, in addition to unique experience from the law commission appointed by the government after the 22 July.

Research team


Profile picture of Unn Haukvik
Kim Einar Andreassen / UiB


Unn K. Haukvik (Associate Professor, University of Oslo) is an expert on mental health research on psychosis, transdiagnostic, neuroscientific and forensic perspectives.


Profile picture of Stephen J. Morse
University of Pennsylvania


Stephen J. Morse (Professor, University of Pennsylvania) has his expertise in legal philosophy annd psychology/neuroscience in law.


Profile picture of Susanna Radovic
Kim Einar Andreassen / UiB


Susanna Radovic (Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg) is an expertise on philosophy of mind, responsibility and criminal insanity.


Profile picture of Tova Bennet
Victoria Westrum


Tova Bennet (University of Bergen) has a PhD in Law from Lund University in Sweden, and has worked with criminal responsibility and mental disorder in the Swedish context. 


Profile photo - researcher Stephen Mathis
Stephen Mathis


Stephen E. Mathis (University of Bergen) has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Kansas, and has worked with action theory in the criminal law in the Anglo-American context.


Profile photo Daniil Butenko - DIMENSIONS


Daniil Butenko (Haukeland University Hospital) 


Advisory committee

  • Professor Michael S. Moore (College of Law and the Center for Advanced Studies, Illinois)
  • Professor Ingrid Melle (University of Oslo)
  • Professor Ian Freckelton (University of Melbourne)


  • Senior Research Advisor Daniel Nygård (University of Bergen)
  • Research Assistant Anne Noddeland (University of Bergen)

Partner institutions

DIMENSIONS is coordinated by the University of Bergen, in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

In addition, The Surrey Centre for Law & Philosophy is a supporting partner of the DIMENSIONS project partcularly given the philosophical and conceptual questions it seeks to illuminate. More information about the Centre can be found here.

Associated projects