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Academic Coordinator 
Jesse Tomalty, Associate Professor

Student Adviser
E-mail: Studieveileder@fof.uib.no / 55 58 32 71

Students' Committee
E-mail: fagutvalg@fof.uib.no


Philosophy is the discipline at a university that asks some of the most fundamental questions: How can we know something about the world around us? How should we live? What characterizes a fair society? Throughout this programme of study you will learn what key thinkers in our intellectual history, such as Plato, Hume, and Kant, have had to say about these questions. The programme of study also imparts fundamental knowledge of how today's philosophers contribute with new insights: how can we reconcile the idea that we can choose freely when we at the same time know how physical and biological processes apparently determine our actions? Do animals have rights? How can we reach agreement on moral questions? Is it only science that gives us reliable knowledge? The study of philosophy will also teach you transferable skills that will be useful in almost any job you choose. You will learn to think critically and develop your analytical skills. You will also learn to integrate knowledge from different subjects. You will need these skills if you want to make decisions as a leader in a private company, the public sector or in non-government organizations. Not least, you will have a solid basis for forming more reflected opinions about many of today's major societal challenges, about climate and environment, health and welfare, intercultural communication and global justice. The department also welcomes students interested in the study pf philosophy to combine this with other subjects, such as economics, comparative politics, natural sciences, psychology, law or medicine. 

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