Theatre studies

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Theatre science is a relatively new academic subject. However, the specialist field of theatre science, i.e. theatre in all its diverse forms, has long, strong traditions. Furthermore, way back in European history humanists and academics were preoccupied with the theatre from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Theatre history is a basic subject which comes under theatre science. Work is also being undertaken in the field of theatre science on aesthetic theories and different analysis methods relating to dramatic art, scenography, dramaturgy and the art of stage direction

Theatre science concerns involvement in contemporary local and international theatre. In your capacity as a theatre researcher and student of theatre science it is natural and necessary to be familiar with many different types of theatre expression and forms. Theatre visits, study trips, meeting theatre practitioners and practical participation in theatre productions are therefore included in our theatre science studies.

Research on theatre science is based on historiographical perspectives and the formation of aesthetic theatre theory in relation to both historical and contemporary theatre forms. Special fields of research include Norwegian theatre history, the reception of Ibsen in Norwegian theatre, modern and post-modern theatre and performance art, as well as dramatic art, the art of stage direction, performance analysis and theatre criticism.

The Theatre Archives

One of the archives at the Institute contains many hidden treasures in the form of theatre programmes, posters, correspondence, notes, manuscripts, photos, scenographic and costume sketches and much more. The archives contain major collections from the works of Ibsen, Bjørnson and Nordahl Grieg.