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The Digital Narrative Network (DNN) is a newly established cross-faculty collaboration at the University of Bergen, focused on the impacts of the digital turn on the ways that narratives are constructed. The faculties included in this project include the faculties of the Humanities, Art, Music, and Design, and Social Sciences. To stay informed about our activities, subscribe to the DNN mailing list.

The network explores digital narrative from multiple interdisciplinary perspectives, for example:

--Digital Narratives in Electronic Literature (reflexive literary artifacts in digital media)

--Digital Narratives of Everyday Life Online (as reflected for example in social networks and other mass-writing / identity / communication platforms)

--Digital Narratives as Interactive Digital Narratives (for example in computer games and other IDN experiences)

--Digital Narrative as Nonhuman Narrative (for example AI, machine learning, and machine vision systems that produce semi-autonomous narratives)

--Literature Reflecting Contemporary Culture After the Digital Turn (novels, poetry, etc. that reflect on the post-digital / post-human condition)

--Narratives of Digital Culture Reflected in Contemporary Art (for example sound art, procedural art, and performance)

--Digital Narratives as Visual Culture (for example in media arts inflected by the visual turn, or post-digital design practices)

The Network develops cross-faculty communication and cooperation and facilitates join research projects, organizes guest speaker events, research-in-progress presentations, conferences, and exhibitions of UiB art and research involving digital narrative.

Center for Digital Narrative
Center for Digital Narrative

UiB Proposes a New Center for Digital Narrative

The Center for Digital Narrative is one of 25 of the leading academic environments at the University of Bergen (UiB) that have applied to the Norwegian Centres of Excellence scheme (SFF).

2021 Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival
"Posthuman" exhibition poster.

2021 ELO Conference and Festival - Posthuman Exhibition

The first of several exhibitions in the 2021 Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival debuts this Thursday, March 4th.

Book award
Mann i dress står foran hekk og holder en gjennomsiktig pris.

Scott Rettberg won the Hayles award for "Electronic Literature"

The 2019 N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature was awarded to UiB professor Scott Rettberg, for his monograph Electronic Literature.

Professor II Appointed in Digital Culture
NIck Montfort portrait

Nick Montfort, MIT Professor of Digital Media, Appointed Professor II at UiB Digital Culture

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Montfort, Professor of Digital Media at MIT, to a two-year 20% position as Professor II with UiB Digital Culture. Montfort is noted both as a creative author of numerous and varied creative works and as a critic and theorist of digital media.