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Spring 2023

18.01Gyozo GyongyosiLeibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE 
20.01Stephanos Vlachos University of Vienna 
23.01Andreas Ravndal KostøWP Carey School of Business 
24.01Claes BäckmanAarhus University 
27.01Jaakko MeriläinenInstituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico 
10.02Vera EichenauerETH Zurich 
17.02Laia Navarro-solaIIES 
10.03Emily NixUSC 
28.04Ramana NandaImperial College 
05.12Jonas HjortUCL 
12.05Andreas FagerengBI 

Fall 2022

12.08Terrance OdeanUniversity of California, Berkeley 
02.09Marius RingUniversity of Texas, Austin 
16.09Edvin HertegårdUppsala University 
30.09Samuel DodiniNHH 
14.10Mateusz MysliwskiNHH 
28.10Elena Mattana Aarhus University 
11.11Simone HacklUniversity of Stavanger 
25.11Anne Brenoe University of Zurich 
15.12Zachary BleemerYale School of Management 

Spring 2022

21.01Peter ZimmermanFederal Reserve Bank of ClevelandA monetary model of cryptocurrency
04.02Sam HirchmanNHHTests of Rank-dependent Probability Weighting
01.04Philippe AghionHarvard University

The effect of Automation on Employment: Firm Level Evidence from France

29.04Lant PritchettOxford UniversityEconomic Growth in Developing Countries: Why and how
13.05Neil CumminsLondon School of EconomicsThe Irish in England (with Cormac Ó Gráda)
20.05Mariapia MendolaUniversità degli Studi di Milano BicoccaInternational Migration Intentions and Illegal Costs: Evidence from Africa-to-Europe Smuggling Routes
08.06Vegard NygaardUniversity of HoustonThe impact of U.S. employer-sponsored insurance in the 20th century
10.06Camille HerbertUniversity of TorontoGender Stereotypes and Entrepeneur Financing

Fall 2021

03.09.Chris RothUniversity of CologneSocial Status, Risk-Taking, and Growth
17.09.Roland HodlerUniversity of St. GallenEthnofederalism and ethnic voting
24.09.Meltem DaysalUniversity of CopenhagenAdolescent Antidepressant Use and Academic Achievement
01.10.Demid GetekLund UniversityEarly Socialization and the Gender Wage Gap
27.10Lauren CohenHarvard UniversityThe ESG-Innovation Disconnect: Evidence from Green Patenting
05.11.Kjersti Misje ØstbakkenInstitutt for samfunnsforskningChutes and Ladders? Jobbopportunities for Generation COVID
09.12Edward GlaeserHarvard UniversityTriumph of the city

Spring 2021

22.01.Kristoffer BergUniversity of OsloRevealing Inequality Aversion from Tax Policy
29.01.Vegard NygaardUniversity of HoustonOptimal Allocation of the Covid-19 Stimulus Checks
05.02.Alexander KrumerMolde University CollegeNationalistic bias among international experts
19.02.Josh LernerHarvard Business SchoolPublic Entrepreneurial Finance around the Globe
05.03.Dennie van DolderVrije Universiteit AmsterdamGender and Willingness to Compete for High Stakes
19.03.John HaltiwangerUniversity of MarylandFounding Teams and Startup Performance
16.04Luis R. MartinezUniversity of ChicagoForgone Investment: Civil Conflict and Agricultural Credit in Colombia
30.04Heiner Schumacher University InnsbruckCompetitive Markets and Boundedly Rational Expectations
12.05.Gabriella ContiUCLTBA

Fall 2020

27.08.Terrance OdeanBerkeleyLeveraging Overconfidence
11.09.Roland HodlerSt. GallenColonial structure, local predominance, and economic development
25.09.Eva GavrilovaNHHThe Anatomy of Payroll Tax Incidence: Evidence from Norway
09.10.Roza KhobanStockholm University

The Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Presence of Political Distortions

23.10.Caterina MauriUniversity of Southern DenmarkOriginality, influence and success: A model of style
06.11.Mounir KaradjaUppsalaMass Migration and Technological Change
20.11.Jørgen Juel AndersenBIElite Capture of Foreign Aid: Evidence from Offshore Bank Accounts
27.11.Valentin LangZurichHelping the Left Behind? Place-Based Policies and Regional Inequality
04.12.Josef SigurdssonNHHLabor Supply Responses and Adjustment Frictions: A Tax-Free Year in Iceland
18.12.Siri IsakssonNHH

It Takes Two: Gender Differences in Group Work


Spring 2020

17.01.Germain GaudinCBS
Cancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
Input Price Discrimination, Demand Forms, and Welfare
31.01.Morten SæthreNHHQuality Regulation and Competition: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets
14.02.Edwin LeuwenUiOEvent Studies, Endogenous Timing and the Child Penalty
28.02.Johannes WohlfartUniversity of CopenhagenRisk Exposure and Attention to the Macroeconomy
06.03.Vegard Høghaug LarsenNorges BankComponents of Uncertainty
13.03.Basit ZafarArizona StateCancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
20.03.Valentin LangUniversity of Zurich

Cancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)

17.04.Yongmin ChenColoradoCancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
08.05.Camille LandaisLondon School of EconomicsCancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
22.05.Michele BelotEUICancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
29.05.Andrew GoodmanVanderbilt UniversityCancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
05.06.Marco TabelliniHarvard Business SchoolCancelled (due to restrictions in connection with the corona virus outbreak)
19.06.Paul SchaudtSt. Gallen

The Political Geography of Cities (on ZOOM)

Fall 2019

30.08.Ferdinand RauchUniversity of OxfordEconomic Geography Aspects of the Panama Canal
13.09.Robert DurErasmus University RotterdamMacroeconomic Conditions When Young Shape Job Preferences for Life
27.09.Valentin LangUniversity of ZurichCancelled
18.10.Eeva MauringUniversity of ViennaInformational Cycles in Search Markets
22.10.Anna GodøyUC BerkeleyEconomics of Fertility: Evidence from the Minimum Wage
25.10.Jerome AddaBocconiThe Dynamics of Return Migration, Human Capital Accumulation, and Wage Assimilation
31.10.Julian Vedeler JohnsenSNFCompetition, Paternity Leave and Career Advancement 
01.11.Patrick BennettNHHReturning to Education Over the Life Cycle: Descriptive and Causal Evidence.
08.11.Marc GoniUniversity of ViennaLineages of Scholars in pre-industrial Europe: Nepotism vs Intergenerational Human Capital Transmission
15.11.Kai KonradMax Planck InstitutePreemption contests between groups
22.11.Paolo CrosettoGrenobleMETARET- a meta-analysis of risk elicitation tasks
06.12.Siri IsakssonNHHCancelled


Spring 2019

Date SpeakerInstitutionTitle
07.02.Gordon B. DahlUCSDDoctor Switching Costs in Health Insurance
14.02.Justin ValasekNHHRefugees and Social Capital: Evidence from Northern Lebanon
21.02.Kaveh MajlesiLund UniversityImporting Political Polarization? The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure
28.02.Nadine RiedelBochumCombatting Tax Evasion: Evidence from Comparing Commercial and Business Tax Registry
07.03.Julie CullenUCSDPerformance information and personnel decisions in the public sector: the case of school principals
14.03.Per JohannsonUppsalaSubjective Expectations, Educational Choice Heterogeneity and Gender: Evidence from a Sample of Swedish High School Students
21.03.Katherine MeckelUCSDCigarette Taxes, Mental Health, and Mortality Outcomes
28.03.Fanny LandaudNHHFrom Employment to Engagement? Stable Jobs, Temporary Jobs and Cohabiting Relationships
04.04.Knut RøedFrisch CentreImmigration and Social Mobility
25.04.Gerhard RienerDüsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics

Who wants to be the hired gun? Experimental Evidence from Matrilineal and Patriarchal Societies in India

23.05.Ian WootonStratchclydeTargeting FDI
06.06.Vincent Sterk UCLThe nature of firm growth
20.06.Martina ViarengoGraduate InstituteGender Gaps in Career Dynamics
25.06.Stelios MichalopoulosBrownFolklore





Fall 2018

06.09.Otto ToivanenAalto University

The social origins and IQ of inventors


07.09.Prashant BharadwajUCSD

Health shocks to the elderly and adult labor supply


13.09.Michaela TincaniUCL

Equality of opportunity in access to higher education: lessons from the randomization of a national policy 

20.09.Kai GehringUniversity of Zurich

Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflict


27.09.Ingar Kyrkjebø HaalandNHH

Beliefs about Behavioral Responses to Taxation


04.10.Mikael LindhalUniversity of Gothenburg

The importance of nature-nurture interactions in skill formation: Evidence from a large sample of adoptees


18.10.Arizo KarimiUppsala University

Parenthood, Family Friendly, and Gender Gaps in Early Work Careers


25.10.Astrid KunzeNHH

Flexible Work Arrangements for Mothers


08.11.Petra ThiemannLund University

Inequality in Education Outcomes: The Role of Sorting among Students, Teachers, and Schools


15.11.Pietro BiroliUniversity of Zurich

Genetics and Health Insurance: How Genes and Insurance Status Affect Smoking Decisions after Health Shocks


22.11.Alexander WillénNHH

Oh Mother: The Neglected Impact of School Disruptions



Spring 2016






Sigve Tjøtta


More or less money?


Eirik Ø. Sørensen


Teaching through television: Experimental evidence on entrepreneurship education in Tanzania


Matthias Parey

University of Essex

 The Selection of High-Skilled Migrants


Konrad Raff

NHH Knighthoods, Damehoods, and CEO Behaviour
17.03.2016Hans Jarle KindNHH

The impact of discriminating value added taxes in a two-sided market with multi-homing consumers

31.03.2016Petter LundborgLund University

Brothers in Arms: Spillover Effects from a Draft Lottery

07.04.2016Christian BrinchBIExcess early retirement? Evidence from the Norwegian 2011 Pension Reform
21.04.2016Torben Heien NielsenUniversity of CopenhagenHousehold labor supply responses to severe health shocks and the benefits from social insurance


Guy MichaelsLSERobots at work


Josef ZweimüllerUniversity of ZurichBeyond severance pay: job mobility and the introduction of occupational pensions in Austria

NB! Tuesday 24.05.2016

Thomas HellmannUniversity of OxfordFostering Entrepreneurship: Backing Founders or Investors?


Chad SyversonUniversity of Chicago 


Uta Shoenberg





















Spring 2015


Julian V. Johnsen


Retirement, grandparental childcare, and maternal employment


Elias Braunfels




Jørgen Modalsli


Intergenerational occupational mobility in Norway, 1865-2011


Jørgen Juel Andersen

BIPolitical rents and voter information in search equilibrium
26.02.2015Jan MarcusDIW BerlinMoving up a gear: The impact of compressing instructional time into fewer years of schooling
05.03.2015Collin RaymondUniversity of Oxford

One in a Million: A Field Experiment on Belief Formation and Pivotal Voting


Albin ErlansonUniversity of Bonn

Strategy-proof assignment of multiple resources


NB! Wednesday!

Julie CullenUC San Diego

Political alignment and tax evasion


NB! Wednesday!

Eric Hanushek

Stanford University

General Education, Vocational Education, and Labor-Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle.

16.04.2015Giovanni MastrobuoniUniversity of Essex

Rehabilitating Rehabilitation: Prison Conditions and Recidivism

23.04.2015Andreas MadestamStockholm UniversityChildren of the Pill: The Effect of Subsidizing Oral Contraceptives on Children's Health and Wellbeing
30.04.2015Andreas KotsadamUniversity of Oslo

Peer effects, gender, and ethnicity - Evidence from experiments in the Norwegian Armed Forces

07.05.2015Christian BjørnskovAarhus

Did Africa's First Choices Matter? Growth Effects of Leaders at Independence

21.05.2015Per Petterson-LidbomStockholm UniversityMidwives and Maternal Mortality:Evidence from a Midwifery Policy Experiment inSweden in the 19th Century


Bhash MazunderUniversity of BergenEstimating the Intergenerational Elasticity and Rank Association in the US:Overcoming the Current Limitations of Tax Data


Jarle MøenNHHWhat happens to taxable income when firms become multinational? Profit-shifting and unobserved firm specific effects


R. Tyrrel RockafellarUniversity of Washington TBA


Manuel Bagues

Aalto University



Fall 2014

21.08.2014 (13.00-14:15)

Bash Mazumber

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Intergenerational Mobility Curves


Martina Nyqvist

Stockholm School of Economics

Safe Sex for a Chance to Win: Evidence from a Field Experiment on HIV Prevention


Matti Keloharju

Aalto University School of Business

Matched as a Teenager? What Traits of a Million 18-Year-Olds Tell Us about CEOs

25.09.2014Rita GinjaUppsala UniversityThe Health and Labor Market Effects of Non-contributory Health Insurance: Evidence from Mexico
02.10.2014Juanna JohnsenStockholm School of EconomicsStudent Aid, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Behavior: Grants or Loans?
09.10.2014Torkild Hovde LyngstadUniversity of Oslo

Immigrant Parents' Preferences for Children's Sex: A Register-Based Study of Fertility Behavior in Ten National-Origin Groups

16.10.2014Ivar KolstadCMI

Diversification and Democracy

23.10.2014 (from 1pm-2.15pm)Hartmut EggerUniversity of Bayreuth

Offshoring and the task-composition in production

30.10.2014Kjell SalvanesNHH

Does grief transfer across generations? In-utero deaths and child outcomes


Roland Hodler

University of St. GallenAid on Demand: The Allocation of China's Foreign Assistance at the Subnational Level
13.11.2014Dan-Olof RoothLinneaus University

Health Endowments and Unemployment during Macroeconomic Crises

27.11.2014Jon H. FivaBI Norwegian Business School


04.12.2014(from 10am-11am)

Salvatore PiccoloUniversita Cattolica del Sacro CuoreTBA


Daniel L. ChenETH Zurich

The political economy of beliefs: Why fiscal and social conservatives/liberals come hand-in-hand


David SkarbekKing's College, LondonThe Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System


Spring 2014

30.01.2014Johan HombertHEC ParisCan Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence From France
06.02.2014Gisle NatvikNorges BankPetro Populism
13.02.2014Andras Ravndal KostølSSBFamily Welfare Cultures
20.02.2014Torkild Hovde LyngstadUiO

Immigrants parent’s preferences for their children's sex

27.02.2014Monique de HaanUiOThe effect of Head Start on long term education and labor market outcomes
06.03.2014Karen-Helene Ulltveit-MoeUiOGlobalization: A woman’s best friend? Exporters and the gender wage gap
13.03.2014Cancelled - Dan Olof RoothLinnaeus UniversityCANCELLED
20.03.2014Peter NearyUniversity of OxfordNot so demanding: Preference structure, firm behavior, and welfare
02.04.2014 (10.15-11.00)George BorjasHarvardPrizes and Productivity: How Winning the Fields Medal Affects Scientific Output
03.04.2014George BorjasHarvardThe Slowdown in the Economic Assimilation of Immigrants: Aging and Cohort Effects Revisited Again
10.04.2014Inger ErvikUiBOpen Sector Wage Leadership
24.04.2014Xavier GiroudMITThe Impact of Venture Capital Monitoring: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
08.05.2014Bart WilsonChapman UniversitySentiments, Conduct, and Trust in the Laboratory
15.05.2014Emilia del BonoUniversity of SussexEarly interventions and children's educational attainment. Evaluating the impact of free part-time pre-school education for 3 year olds in England
22.05.2014Hugo Hopenhayn


Information, Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity

05.06.2014Tony ScottUniversity of Melbourne

Competition, Prices and Quality in the Market for Physician Consultations

12.06.2014Robert A. PollakWashington UniversityUnequal Bequest
19.06.2014Shelly LundbergUCSBSkill disparities and unequal family outcomes

Peter Zweifel

University of Zurich

The division of labor between social and private insurance


Fall 2013

29.08. Knut Aase, NHH: Recursive utility and disappearing puzzles for discrete-time models

05.09. Kasper Meisner Nielsen, HKUST: Fire Sales and House Prices: Evidence from Estate Sales due to Sudden Death

19.09. Chiara Canta, NHH: Efficiency, access, and the mixed delivery of health care services

26.09. Gani Aldashev, University of Namur: Government Incentives for Private Ownership of Public Goods: Theory and Evidence from Belgium

03.10. Bjørn Olav Johansen, UiB: The opportunism problem revisited: the case of retailer sales effort

10.10. Heike Auerswald, TU Dresden: Adaptation, Mitigation and Risk-Taking in Climate Policy

11.10. Greg Shaffer, University of Rochester: Exclusionary Discounts in a Dynamic Model with Financially Constrained Firms

15.10. Gary Fournier, Florida State University: Physician and Patient Migration to Ambulatory Surgery Centers as a Response to Poor Safety at Hospitals

17.10. Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Harvard Business School: Governing Misvalued Firms

24.10. Mathias Ekstrøm, NHH: Can Indifference Make the World Greener?

31.10. Jo Thori Lind, UiO: Rainy day politics. An instrumental variables approach to the effect of parties on political outcomes

05.11. Teemu Pennanen, King's College: Optimal investment and contingent claim valuation in illiquid markets

07.11. Ingvild Nordtveit, UiB: Lending to Developing Countries - How do official creditors respond to defaults?

14.11. Ugo Panizza, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies: Too much Finance?

21.11. Alexander Cappelen, NHH: You've got mail: A randomized field experiment on tax evasion.

28.11. Ola Vestad, SSB: TBA

05.12. TBA

12.12. TBA


Spring 2013

24.01. Julian Vedeler Johnsen, UiB: Smoking Bans, Maternal Smoking, and Birth Outcomes

31.01. Aline Bütikofer, NHH: This is Not a Test - Long-Run Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear Weapon Testing

08.02. Mirjam van Praag, Amsterdam School of Economics: Why do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children?

14.02. Vincent Somville, CMI: Ungrateful Children - Theory and Evidence on old Age Support from Nepal

28.02. Imral Rasul, UCL: Can Basic Entrepreneurship Transform the Economic Lives of the Poor?

07.03. Kjetil Bjorvatn, NHH: Ethnicity and cooperation: Experimental evidence from Kenya and Tanzania

14.03. Ivar Gaasland, UiB: Trade-off between food production and greenhouse gas mitigation in Norwegian agriculture

21.03. Knut P. Heen, HiMolde: Monopoly Theory from a Finance Perspective

11.04. Sjur Flåm, UiB: Order books and market clearing

18.04. Thomas Åstebro, HEC-Paris: Hierarchies, the Small Firm Effect, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Swedish Microdata

25.04. Tommy S. Gabrielsen, UiB: Resale price maintenance and up-front payments: achieving horizontal control under seller and buyer power

02.05. Alessia Russo, UiO: Self-Commitment Institution and Cooperation in OLG games

08.05. Bård Harstad, UiO: The Market for Conservation and other Hostages

16.05. Manudeep Bhuller, SSB: Education and Lifetime Earnings

23.05. Edwin Leuven, UiO: Ability peer effects in university: Evidence from a randomized experiment

30.05. Torfinn Harding, University of Sussex: Institutions and the Distribution of Oil

06.06. Kjetil Storesletten, UiO: Sharing High Growth Across Generations: Pensions and Demographic Transition in China

10.06. Robert Pollak (Washington U., St. Louis): Cohabitation and the uneven withdrawal from marriage in the US, 1950-2010

13.06. Prashant Bharadwaj, UCSD: Do initial endowments matter only initially? Birth weight, parental investments and academic achievement in school


Fall 2012

10.09. Amihai Glazer, UCI: Governmental Transfers and Altruistic Private Transfers

14.09. Katrine Løken, UIB: Peer Effects in Program Participation

21.09. Fred Schroyen, NHH: Mapping Risk Aversion in Norway Using Hypothetical Income Gambles

28.09. Bernd Fitzenberger, Freiburg: The Heterogeneous Effects of Training Incidence and Duration on Labor Market Transitions

05.10. Morten Sæthre, NHH: The bargaining effect of cross-border M&A on wages

12.10. TBA

19.10. Ben Jones, Northwestern: Understanding China: An Explanation for an Unusual Macroeconomy

02.11. Julie Riise Kolstad, UiB: Lifting the burden: State care of the elderly and the labor supply of adult children

09.11. Steinar Strøm, UiO: A probability approach to industrial organization

16.11. Juan Carluccio, Paris School of Economics: TBA

23.11. Liam Brunt, NHH: cancelled

30.11. Imran Rasul, UCL: cancelled

07.12. Bill Kerr, Harvard: Entrepreneurship and urban growth: An empirical assessment with historical mines.


Spring 2012

27.01. Francisco Santos, NHH: IPO underpricing and long-term underperformance

03.02. Julian Vedeler Johnsen, UoB: Complementary Leisure: The Unintended Spill-Over Effect of an Early Retirement Reform

10.02. Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal, NTNU: A DSGE Model with Housing in the Cointegrated VAR Framework

17.02. Gernot Doppelhofer, NHH: Do Broken Speed Limits of Debt Predict Financial Crises?

24.02.  Sjur Flåm, UoB: Bilateral exchange

02.03. Vincent Somville, CMI: Informal Savings and Intra-Household Strategies: Theory & Evidence from Urban Benin

09.03. Adrien Vigier, UoO: An Economic model of the Ivy League

16.03. Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, UoO: Why are firms that export cleaner? International trade and CO2 emissions

23.03. Sascha Becker, Warwick

30.03. Eirik Kristiansen, NHH:Paying for Staying: Managerial Contracts and the Retention Motive

13.04. Bjørn Olav Johansen, UiB: Buyer Power and Exclusion in Vertically Related Markets

20.04. Per Botolf Maurseth, BI: Market specific fixed and sunk export costs : Learning and spillovers

27.04. Wolter Hassink, Utrecht University:What Does Loyalty Buy?

04.05. Amrita Dhillon, Warwick: Employee referral, social proximity, and worker discipline

11.05. Michael Koch, University of Bayreuth: The Impact of Trade on the Organization of Labor within Firms

25.05.Udo Kreickemeier, University of Tübingen: Two-way migration between similar countries


08.06. Silvia Marchesi, Milano-Bicocca: How Defensive Were Lending and Aid to HIPC?


22.06. Christian Soegaard, University of Nottingham: Welfare Effects of Trade Policy in General Oligopolistic Equilibrium


Fall 2011

26.08. Gaute Torsvik (UiB): Financial incentives and sick absence: Evidence from a natural experiment in a firm

02.09. Alexander Cappelen (NHH): Leading by example: the effect of leadership compensation in a public goods experiment

16.09. Igor Evstigneev (University of Manchester): Volatility-induced financial growth

23.09. Daniel Etzel (University of Bayreuth): Wage Bargaining Systems and International Trade

07.10. Bjørn Sandvik (UiB): A free lunch for the Norwegian Oil Fund

14.10. Astri Drange Hole (HiB): "Exposing care services to competition - effects on quality"

21.10. Arnt Ove Hopland (NTNU): School Building Conditions and Student Achievements: Norwegian Evidence

28.10. Berber Kramer (VU Amsterdam): Individual versus Group Insurance: Demand for health insurance under joint liability in microfinance games

04.11. Karin Thorburn (NHH): Public Information and IPO-Underpricing

11.11. tba

18.11. Nathan Fiala (German Institute for Economic Research): Can Employment Programs Reduce Poverty and Social Instability? Experimental evidence from a Ugandan aid program

25.11. Sigve Tjøtta (UiB): Sustainable contribution in public good experiments

02.12. Steffen Andersen (CBS): Ability or Finances as Constraints to Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Survival Rates in a Natural Experiment

16.12. cancelled


Spring 2011

21.1. Tarjei Havnes (UiO): Internet use, pornography and sex crime

28.1. Odd Rune Straume (Universidade do Minho/UiB): Quality competiton with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?

4.2. Hans Jarle Kind (NHH): Hotelling competition with multi-purchasing

11.2. Rune Jansen Hagen: Certified or branded? A game-theoretic analyis of the IMF’s policy support instrument

18.2. Maarten Lindeboom: Slipping anchors? Testing the vinettes approach to identification and correction of reporting heterogeneity

25.2. Kjell Vaage: Social Interactions at the Workplace: Exploring Sickness Absence Behaviour

11.3. Fredrik Heyman: Competition, Takeovers and Gender Discrimination

18.3. cancelled

25.3. Ivar Kolstad (CMI): Education and entrepreneurial success

1.4. Andreas Madestam (Bocconi): Shaping the nation: Estimating the impact of Fourth of July using a natural experiment.

8.4. Astrid Oline Ervik (NHH): Risk and Job Mobility Across Sectors

29.4. no seminar

6.5. Karin Monstad: cancelled

13.5. Karin Monstad: Is Teenage Motherhood contagious? Evidence from a natural Experiment

20.5. Alessandro Cigno (Florence): How to Deal with Covert Child Labour, and Give Children an Effective Education, in a Poor Developing Country

27.5. Michael Hoel (U of Oslo): Incentives for environmental R&D

3.6. PhD defence - no seminar

9.6. Michael Taksar (U of Missouri): Optimal Non-Proportional Reinsurance Control and Stochastic Differential Games

15.6. Ron Harstad (U of Missouri): Political Economy Field Experiments Become Possible


Fall 2010

27.8. Gaute Torsvik (UiB): Beliefs, attitudes and productivity. Evidence from a customer service centre

1.9. Igor Pospelov (Dorodnicyn Computing Center, Moskva): Modeling of the Russian Economy in crisis

3.9.  Fabian Waldinger (Warwick): Peer Effects in Science: Evidence from the Dismissal of Scientists in Nazi Germany

10.9. Julie Riise Kolstad (UiB) disputation: What affects the career choices of health workers?
17.9. Igor V. Evstigneev (University of Manchester): Asset Market Games of Survival: A Synthesisof Evolutionary and Dynamic Games
22.9. Ivar Gaasland (UiB) disputation: Essays on the inefficiency of Norwegian agricultural policy

24.9. Muhammad Kamrul Islam (UiB): The social capital and health hypothesis: An integrating theory and new empirics.

1.10. Katrine Vellesen Løken (UiB) disputation: Families and children's development: economic approaches

8.10. Astrid Drange Hole (HiB): How do economists differ from others in distributive situations? CANCELLED!

15.10. Farasat Bokhari (Kings College London): Entry in the ADHD drugs market: Welfare impact of generics and me-toos

22.10. Astrid Drange Hole (HiB): How do economists differ from others in distributive situations?

29.10. Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke (NTNU): Migration and dynamic agglomeration economies: Time-series evidence from Norway

12.11. Michael Rosholm (Aarhus):   tba   

19.11. Simen Markussen (Frisch):    tba

26.11. Wilhelm Kohler (Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen): Offshoring Tasks, Yet Creating Jobs

03.12. Nina Drange (UiS): The Effect of Preschool on the School Performance of Children from Immigrant Families. Results from an Introduction of Free Preschool in Two Districts in Oslo.

10.12. No seminar

17.12. No seminar



Spring 2010

22.1. Rolf Aarberge (SSB): On the Measurement of Long-term Income Inequality and Income Mobility

29.1. Bjørn Olav Johansen (UiB): The impact of private labels on retail prices and welfare

5.2. Sigve Tjøtta (UiB): Climate Change Policy and Geoengineering

12.2. Ingeborg Foldøy Solli (UiS): The Impact of Paternity Leave on Father Involvement

19.2. Laurence Jacquet (NHH):Optimal Redistributive Taxation with both Extensive and
Intensive Responses

12.3.    Carol Propper (University of Bristol): Does Market Power Kill: The impact of Competition on the English NHS

19.3.    Ragnhild Balsvik (NHH)    Foreign firms and host country productivity: does the mode of entry matter?

26.3. Wilma J Nusselder (Erasmus MC): Disability and free expected lifetime

16.4. Carsten Eckel (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg): tba

21.4. Tore Ellingsen (Stockholm School of Economics): tba

23.4. Hartmut Egger (University of Bayreuth):Why foreign ownership is good for you

30.4. Cancelled! (Mukul Majumdar (Cornell University): Sustainable Consumption under Supply Uncertainty)

07.5. Cancelled! Klaus Desmet (Universidad Carlos III Madrid): Spatial Development

14.5.  no seminar   

21.5. Marcel Thum (Dresden): tba