Study permit

Study permit and police registration

There are different procedures for student residence permit depending on your nationality.

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Please select the student category that applies to you and find relevant information:

Nordic citizens 

  • Nordic citizens do not need a study permit to study in Norway.
  • Should register with the Tax administration office if staying in Norway for more than 6 months.

EU/EFTA citizens 

Citizens from countries outside EU/EFTA 

Citizens from countries outside EU/EFTA with Schengen residence permit

*International students from countries outside the EU/EEA that have a Schengen residence permit, can submit their application from  Norway. This option should not be selected unless it is absolutely necessary. This is due to long processing time and limitations regarding travel and other compulsory registration while waiting for the residence permit.

Students without visa /residence permit in Norway that do not complete the compulsory registration within the deadline,  risk being expelled from Norway and refuse entry for a period of time. For more information UDI.no expulsion

Students staying in Norway for up to 90 days

Students staying in Norway for up to 90 days must check with the Norwegian authorithies, if you need to apply for a student permit. Visitors visas are issued for up to 90 days and will not cover stays beyond this period.