Study Permit

Non-EU/EEA/EFTA citizens

If you are not a citizen in an EU/EEA/EFTA country, you should apply for a study permit immediately after receiving your Letter of Acceptance from UiB.

As a general rule, your study permit should be applied for and granted before you travel to Norway. Apply as soon as you have all the required documents as the processing of your application may take several weeks.

How to apply for a study permit

  1. Print UDI's checklist and gather the necessary documents
  2. Create an account on UDI's Application Portal and
    • Submit your online application
    • Pay the application fee (currently NOK 5300)
    • Book an appointment to hand in your documents
  3. Hand in the application and documents in person at the nearest embassy

Always check the updated application procedures for your country at UDI's website.

Documents you will need from UiB

  • Letter of Acceptance: Letter which confirms full-time admission etc. Sent by email or uploaded on Søknadsweb.
  • Documentation of funds (2019/2020): You must document sufficient funds to cover living expenses when applying for a study permit:
    • Students staying for the autumn semester 2019 only: NOK 55 100
    • Students staying for two semesters (2019/2020) or longer: NOK 121 220
    • Students staying for the spring semester 2020 only: NOK 66 120

How to document funds

Exchange students at UiB

Use your Letter of Acceptance from UiB as documentation:

  1. Upload documentation of funds on Søknadsweb as part of the application procedures to UiB.
  2. UiB will include a confirmation of sufficient funds in your Letter of Acceptance.
  3. Submit the Letter of Acceptance with your application for a study permit at the nearest embassy in order to document both admission to UiB and sufficient funds for your stay in Norway, 

Master's degree students

You will need a confirmation receipt from UiB as documentation:

  1. Only start this process after you have received your Letter of Acceptance.
  2. Transfer the required amount to Sammen's deposit account.
  3. UiB will send you a confirmation receipt by email as soon as possible after your transfer.
  4. Submit the receipt with your application for a study permit.
  5. The money will be returned to you when you have arrived in Bergen.

Other students

If you are studying at UiB for 1-2 semesters, you should enquire about how you document sufficient funds during the admission process to UiB.

How you document sufficient funds to UDI

Many of you will have a confirmation of sufficient funds included in your Letter of Acceptance. If you do not have such a confirmation, you should follow the same procedures as Master's degree students.

Please contact us about the process at admission@uib.no before you transfer money.

Useful tips and info

  • UiB's organisation number: 874 789 542
  • Start early: Check application procedures for your country and plan ahead how you will get all the required documents and how you will hand in your application. Norway does not have consular services in every country.
  • Visa to enter Norway: You automatically receive an entry visa (if needed) when you are granted your study permit. You do not need to apply for a visa separately.
  • Part-time work permit: You automatically receive a part-time work permit along with your first-time study permit. This allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time between semesters.
  • Bringing family members: Contact UDI immediately to ensure that you and your family member/s meet the requirements to apply for a family immigration permit.
  • Upon arrival in Norway: You must visit the Bergen Immigration Office to validate your study permit. You will receive all the necessary information about this visit when you arrive at UiB.