Center for personalized systems medicine in endocrinology (ENDO4P)


P4 systems medicine, or personalized medicine, as a holistic approach to preventing and treating diseases. It focuses on predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine.

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P4 medicine builds on the integration of:

a) Advanced omics technology enabling scrutiny of gene and protein expression at the single cell level, 
b) Behavioral data generated by smart devices, social media, and advanced data processing, 
c) Integrated data analysis that will not only provide predictive, diagnostic, and prognostic biomarkers of disease, but also enable us to describe wellbeing in biological terms.

The dynamic nature of hormone oscillations and the wealth of clinical data made available through emerging technologies is barely used in clinical practice and make endocrinology an ideal arena to deploy medical artificial intelligence (AI) to improve diagnostics and treatment. 

Our bold ambition is to introduce and further refine these methods to build a P4 medicine framework for the endocrine system based on research into machine learning of dynamic biological data including hormones and –omics, combined with behavioral data including advanced facial recognition and speech analyses, which will enable us to redefine disease states, improve and simplify prediction and diagnosis, treatment and monitoring while addressing privacy concerns and ethical aspects of data mining. 

Our ultimate goal is to support individuals and health caretakers with safe digital solutions for in-depth assessment of the hormonal system and its contribution to well-being, enabling people to live healthy lives and allow earlier diagnoses and targeted personalized prevention and treatment.