Center for personalized systems medicine in endocrinology (ENDO4P)

Research goals

Our ultimate goal is to create safe digital solutions for in-depth assessment of the hormonal system and its contribution to well-being, enabling people to live healthy lives and allow earlier diagnoses and targeted personalized prevention and treatment.

Illustration of the endocrine system in a body.

Main content

Primary objective: Introduce multi-dimensional dynamic data collection and analysis deploying medical artificial intelligence to advance our understanding of pathogenesis of endocrine disorders, improve diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring, and empower the patient to self-management.

Secondary objectives:
1. Integrate dynamic hormone assays with omics analyses and deep behavioral mapping to redefine endocrine health and wellbeing using machine learning

2. Identify aberration to develop new diagnostic criteria and predictive and prognostic biomarkers for endocrine diseases

3. Assess and solve legal, ethical and security issues in relation to datamining and analyses.