Energy Informatics
Master project by Stian Backe, 2017

Strategic optimization of offshore wind farm installation

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This work describes logistical planning of offshore wind farm installation through mathematical optimization. Two optimization models are developed to analyse cost-effective port and vessel strategies for offshore installation operations. By applying principals of mixed integer linear programming (MILP), the two models seek to minimize total costs through port- and vessel related decisions. The models cover offshore transportation and installation of a given amount of wind turbines. Different vessel strategies, ports, time horizon and weather restrictions are considered in the models. Several deterministic test cases with fixed cost parameters and historic weather data are implemented in AMPL and run with the CPLEX solver. The test cases show promising results in aiding strategic decisions, and the models provide valuable insight into economic impact of such decisions. The results indicate that decision aid could be more reliable if smaller subproblems are considered, potentially in a stochastic framework.