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Sustainable Multimodal Transport Planning in Smart Cities

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In recent years, supply chain and logistics observe increasing concerns on energy usage, climate gas emissions, wastes, and environmental considerations. The project “Sustainable Multimodal Transport Planning in Smart Cities” addresses central optimization challenges in climate and energy transition - how do we achieve more efficient transport systems, to reduce emissions and other costs on society and to improve land use?

The future state of transport systems in smart cities, where all information is connected and shared, requires taking advantage of innovative solutions such as intelligent and integrated multimodal transportation fleet (e.g. using autonomous electric trucks, cargo vessels, trains, plains, and drones) and novel solutions that deal with multimodal data (e.g., data analytics, machine learning and AI) in order to promote an effective use of resources and space and to have socially acceptable, and environmentally and economically sustainable transport systems for long-term performance.