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Day-to-day management of EU projects

The Forum for Scientific EU Project Managers was founded in spring 2016 as an informal communication platform, bringing together current and previous EU project managers from different disciplines. The forum is a resource group to the university's BOA-team that supports administrative staff and researchers during the pre- and post-award phase of externally funded projects.

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The main aim of the group is is to create a learning and training platform for EU project managers at UiB where knowledge and skills are transferred and improved in a social and informal setting. Specific tasks include: drawing on concrete experience from previous and on-going projects for effective joint trouble-shooting, exchanging practical tips from day-to-day work, co-developing and sharing best-practice routines for effective project management, maintaining and updating an archive of guidelines documents on the internal UiB websites.

The forum members meet monthly to perform the above specific tasks. The regular personal meetings are supplemented with an intense communication via a group mailing list and several individual mail- and phone-meetings. Since lessons learned during project implementation may improve future proposals, UiB research advisors for proposal support frequently interact with the members of the forum. The forum is also used to spread relevant information received from other sources.