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Guest lecture

Expanding the scope of pharmacy practice – improving public health

At Centre for Pharmacy’s annual scientific event for students, Professor Ross T. Tsuyuki gave a lecture on pharmacists’ expanding role and how this can contribute to improved public health. Click through to access a recording of the full lecture.

Professor Ross Tsuyuki
Professor Ross Tsuyuki gave a lecture on the pharmacist role in Alberta and how the advanced scope of pharmacy practice could help improve public health.

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To inspire our master students to engage in research and also give insight in the many fields of pharmacy research, a scientific and social event gathering staff and students is held every February. In addition to different research groups and organisations presenting research projects the students may take part in for their master theses, an inspiring guest lecture was this year given by Professor Ross T. Tsuyuki from University of Alberta, Canada.

Professor Ross T. Tsuyuki gave a presentation that covered:

· Scope of pharmacy practice in Canada and Alberta

· Pharmacy practice research demonstrating the impact of pharmacists' advanced scope of practice on patient outcomes

· Discussion of implementation of this model of practice

Following Professor Tsuyuki, leader for the Norwegian Pharmacist Association, Tove Ytterbø, gave a short overview of their work towards a more advanced role for pharmacists in Norway. Professor David Wright then led a discussion between them on the similarities, differences and challenges relating to pharmacy practice in the two countries.

To round off the day, Professor Torgils Fossen presented the winners of and the work behind the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2015.  

To watch Professor Tsuyuki's lecture in whole, follow this link.