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UiB side event at WHEC2022: A Global SDG Higher Education Institution Benchmarking system

Can benchmarking contribute to mutual learning and a whole-of-approach to the SDGs in higher education institutions?

UiB side event at WHEC2022

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Engaging with the EGU2030-report: “Knowledge-driven actions: Transforming higher education for global sustainability” - the University of Bergen (UiB) invites you to this side event at the WHEC2022. A panel of representatives from the Global Expert Group, UNESCO, Norad and SANORD will discuss a new global benchmarking system on the SDGs for higher education institutions.

This UiB side event is part of the WHEC2022 conference in Barcelona. The side event is open to all and will allow time for plenary discussions.

Refreshments will be served at the beginning of the event.


How can universities facilitate knowledge development, as well as new research and education strategies, that can generate the deep-going social, economic, and environmental transformations called for in the UN 2030 Agenda?  

To answer these questions, UNESCO partnered with the University of Bergen to establish the Global Independent Expert Group on the Universities and the 2030 Agenda (EGU2030), consisting of 14 excellent researchers from around the world, across different fields of research. 

The expert groups report: “Knowledge-driven actions: Transforming higher education for global sustainability” calls for a radical shift in current development paradigms. It emphasizes the key role that universities and higher education institutions can play in contributing to the SDGs, by promoting knowledge that comprise a diverse range of traditions, inter-and transdisciplinarity and by creating stronger partnership with societal actors. The report also directs attention to the systemic barriers that have hindered transformation so far. 

An important aim of the report is to spark further discussions on how higher education institutions can be the driving force towards a sustainable future. We aim to do just that by examining one of the 16 specific recommendations of the report. The University of Bergen invites you to join a discussion regarding a new benchmarking system - in a Norwegian context, and in the context of north-south partnerships. 


18.30Opening Remarks
 Margareth Hagen - Rector, The University of Bergen
 Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel - State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
18:45Panel discussion
 Moderator: Tor Halvorsen - Associate Professor, The University of Bergen
 Sylvia Schmelkes - EGU2030 Co-Chair, Academic Provost of Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City
 Peter Wells - Chief, Section of Higher Education, UNESCO
 José Frantz - Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of the Western Cape
 Solbjørg Sjøveian - Leader, Section for Higher Education and Research, Norad - the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation