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Meet Venezuela's new ambassador to Norway

Venezuela: Looking Out, Looking In

Do you wonder about what is happening in Venezuela right now, and why? Ask your questions to Venezuela's Ambassador to Norway, H.E. Ramón Gordils.

Flag of Venezuela
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For a long time Venezuela has been hit by steadily increasing sanctions imposed by various national governments – in particular the U.S. – as well the European Union. Several observers, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, have expressed strong concerns that the invoked sanctions have a destructive effect on the civilian population and the country’s economy. Since 2019 the Norwegian government has been active in promoting negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

Are the critics of the sanctions right in claiming that Venezuela is a misunderstood, pluralist democracy, struggling justly to survive in the region? Or, is Venezuela an autocratic regime that poses a threat to democratic values and human rights in Latin America, as the opposition and mainstream media assert?

Why do tensions run so high when people are discussing Venezuela?

With the purpose of trying to understand, and gain more knowledge about, Venezuela, H.E. Ramón Gordils - Ambassador of Venezuela to Norway - will give a short introduction to what is going on in the country right now, seen from his perspective as an ambassador.
He will seek to answer honest questions in a respectful conversation and dialogue about the various external and internal challenges facing Venezuela in the years to come.