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Week 12

Today 23rd March (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 13

Wednesday 27th March (1)

The upcoming university elections (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 25.03.2019 at​ 12:00

Week 14

3rd April (1)

Losh and Fotopoulou: Feminist Digital Humanities and Feminist Data Studies (Guest lecture)

Week 15

10th April (1)

Visions and Visuality in Medieval Culture (Seminar)

11th April (1)

Cultural policies and practices in contemporary Russia (Workshop)

Week 17

23rd April (1)

Learn to Use Gephi for Network Analysis (Workshop)

Week 19

7th May (1)

Lightning Talks About Digital Editions (Lecture)

Week 21

21st May (1)

Workshop with Alois Pichler: Digital Editions with XML (Workshop)

Week 24

11th June (1)

End of Term Event of the UiB Digital Humanities Network (Lecture)