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Week 04

Today 20th January (0)

There are no events on this day

Tomorrow 21st January (1)

Digital humanities at the library (Seminar)
Registration deadline: Expired.

Week 08

18th February (1)

DH reading group (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 17.02.2020 at​ 11:00

Week 13

24th March (1)

Richard Rogers: Workshop on Digital Methods (Workshop)
Registration deadline: 09.03.2020 at​ 11:00

Week 18

28th April (1)

Geographic Information Systems in DH (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 27.04.2020 at​ 11:00

Week 22

26th May (1)

Lightning Talks with Ph.D candidates doing Digital Humanities (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 25.05.2020 at​ 11:00

Week 25

19th June (1)

Last Chapter: A Late Life Festival (Event)
Starts - Event ends at 20.06.2020

20th June (1)

Last Chapter: A Late Life Festival (Event)