The Grieg Academy

Wheels Within Wheels

Project seminar

The artistic research project «Wheels within wheels. New approaches to interactions between performers and composers» invites all interested to a project seminar. The seminar is organised in collaboration with Galleri 3,14 and the mini festival «Gjenlyd».

Wheels within wheels

The seminar will consist of performances and elaborations by the project staff and by our special guest, the composer Gerhard Stäbler, followed by discussions.

The main topic of the seminar is interaction. What happens when a team of composers and performers exchange their different readings over time of a common repertoire? Are the different abstractions that take place compatible? Can negotiations around compositional, performative and improvisational strategies lead to new forms of expression? What happens to the roles of composers and performers, and the functions of composition and improvisation, when experiences, ideas and opinions are constantly exchanged?

Seminar presenters:

Gerhard Stäbler, Kjetil Almenning, Anna Danilevskaïa, Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, Jostein Gundersen, Alwynne Pritchard, Hans Knut Sveen


Registration is necessary. There are no participation costs for the seminar, which includes lunch.

The number of participants is limited. Only full day participation is possible.

Please send your registration to jostein.gundersen@uib.no. Your participation will be confirmed by email.

The project «Wheels within wheels. New approaches to interactions between performers and composers» is a three year artistic research project funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and the University of Bergen. The project researches the potential for new forms of expression through interactions between performers of early music and contemporary composers.