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8th North Sea Laterality Conference on Brain Asymmetry: 24th - 27th August 2022, Bergen

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The North Sea Laterality Meeting is a biannual interdisciplinary conference aimed at presenting and discussing the latest developments in the research fields of brain laterality, brain asymmetry, and interhemispheric interaction, including both studies in humans and animal models. The meeting represents a unique forum for the discussion of behavioural, psychological, neural, and genetic aspects of hemispheric differences, as well as their relevance for clinical conditions. Attended by leading experts, the meeting offers ample opportunity for one-on-one discussions of novel findings and to network with colleagues to plan future projects around the North Sea (and beyond).

A pre-conference workshop on transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), as well as a post-conference scenic excursion opportunity, additionally offer stimulating experiences for brain and mind.

Please, follow this link to view the conference program and general info about the workshop, welcome reception, conference, and excursion.


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Pre-Conference Workshop:

There will be a free workshop on transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) one day before the conference starts. The workshop will take place from 12:00 - 17:30 on 24th August and will be held at the Institute of Biological and Medical Psychology (IBMP), University of Bergen, located at Jonas Lies vei 91, 5009 Bergen. We will meet at the reception of the Haukeland University Hospital and walk to room U109 on the 9th floor. The workshop will be held by Karsten Specht (fNIRS) and Marco Hirnstein (TES). 

fNIRS is a neuroimaging technique based on the same signal as fMRI but uses an EEG-like layout. Accordingly, a wearable device allows exploring brain activations in freely acting and interacting subjects, overcoming some limitations of fMRI with respect to the experimental design. Benefits and disadvantages of this technique will be discussed. 

The TES part will provide theoretical background and practical hands-on experience about methods such as as transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation. If you want to participate in the workshop or if you have any questions related to it, please contact Marco.Hirnstein@uib.no. No prior experience with TES is necessary to be able to profit from the workshop.

Conference Abstracts:

Please find the abstracts for the 8th North Sea Laterality Conference on Brain Asymmetry here.

Conference Venue:

The Welcome reception will take place at the Skyskaperen restaurant on mount Ulriken – the highest mountain around Bergen. You can either hike up the mountain or take the cable car. More specific instructions will be posted here and sendt via email soon.

The conference itself on 25th/26th August will take place at the lovely “Grand Hotel Terminus” in the centre of Bergen at Zander Kaaes gate 6, 5015 Bergen. Link to the venue: https://www.grandterminus.no/


The conference partner hotel is Hotel Zander K and Grand Hotel Terminus Bergen, both located within a short 5 minute walking distance from the conference venue and the city centre.

To book a room please call +47 55 36 20 40 or send an email to booking@zanderk.no with the referral code 4251744. The price for a single room including breakfast is 850 NOK. The price for double room including breakfast is 1050 NOK.

Hotel Zander K and Grand Hotel Terminus is the only hotel that provides a conference discount but Bergen has a lot of other hotel options. For example:

City Box

Scandic Byparken

Montana Youth Hostel Bergen

Radisson Blue

Hotel Norge

Getting around and sightseeing:

From the airport, the least expensive way of getting downtown is to take the Bergen Light Rail (“bybanen”). The ride takes ca 45 minutes and costs 37 NOK. Trains go every 7 to 8 min during daytime. The penultimate stop “Nonneseter” is located 50 m from both Zander K Hotel and Hotel Grand Terminus, and the final stop “Byparken” is right in the city centre (ca. 100 m from the conference venue).

Airport-bus service (one way 159 NOK) and taxis (at least 400 NOK) offer alternative modes of transportation.

Bergen and the surrounding area provides ample opportunity for scenic nature and cultural activities. For more information and to find something that suits your taste please visit https://en.visitbergen.com/.

Post Conference Excursion:

More info can be found in the Schedule and General Information document.

Organizing Committee:

Organizers of the 8th North Sea Laterality Meeting:

Vivian Helen Jacobsen Fosse, University of Bergen

Rune Andreas Eikeland, University of Bergen 

Prof. Karsten Specht, University of Bergen

Prof. Marco Hirnstein, University of Bergen



Sponsors and funding:

We kindly thank the following institutions and companies for supporting the North Sea Laterality Meeting 2022: